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Welcome To Beech Class

Beech Class Team:

Mrs Pearson, Mrs Hammond

Miss Hogan, Mrs Benham 

News from our week - 1st April 2022

     Well done, Beech!  It has been a challenging and busy week. We continued to work on  our letter-writing in our English lessons. We did also enjoy taking time to work independently on a Big Write when Mrs Ward presented us with a huge mystery key on Tuesday morning. We had lots of ideas about what exciting things it might open and we certainly felt that it was magical, incorporating this into lots of our story-writing.

     In Maths, we continued to work on division.  We have tried solving some problems about sharing quantities and writing the division calculations to match. We began exploring mass towards the end of the week and enjoyed using the balance scales.

     In our topic work, we have started to focus on the continent of Africa. We looked at Uganda on the world map and the map of Africa and found some of the geographical landmarks of the country.

     We were so excited on Tuesday to hear that Korky Paul is coming to visit. You can expect us all to be counting our pocket-money this weekend in readiness to buy a treat at  the sale and book-signing event when he visits. We are also looking forward to showing him all our work inspired by his illustrations and the Winnie stories. In Art, we enjoyed preparing pictures to show to him and completing our tartan-inspired patterns.

RSPB Bronze Award - Achieved

     Beech Class have worked hard on a number of RSPB Wild Challenge activities over the term and we are delighted that their combined efforts have enabled Beech Class and Woodcote Primary School to achieve their Bronze Award for 2022. We received congratulations from the RSPB Wild Challenge team and certificates arrived in school this week. 

     Many of the children received personal certificates for their efforts and others continue to work towards their goal while also helping us as a team to receive the recognition.

     Don't forget to look back on Teams for assignments and activities if you have not completed them yet. It is never too late to start helping our natural environment and the plants and animals around us. 

     We are now striving to complete our Silver and Gold before the close of the summer term and the year together. 

News from our week - 25th March 2022

     We have enjoyed a super sunny week this week. Monday was World Poetry Day, so we enjoyed reading lots of fun poetry, choosing our favourites to write about. Some of the children had also written super Spring poems for homework and we all enjoyed hearing them. We hope that you enjoy this example. 

     In English, we have turned our attention to letter-writing, thinking about the purposes of different letters and what needs to be included. We have also been looking at how you write an address.

     In Maths, we turned our focus to division. This week we worked on division as sharing and enjoyed a story about sharing cookies: The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins. We also enjoyed sharing out packs of cookies and eating them at the end of the lesson.

     We used arrays to help us with sharing and dividing. We even made ourselves into arrays on the playground. We have also been comparing measurements. We will be ready to use our skills in measuring length for some problem solving next week.

     In our topic work, we developed our atlas skills, looking for places in the UK and locating the continents and oceans of the world. We used the contents and the index, which meant working to use alphabetical order.

     We have been working on tricky homophones in phonics and spelling. There are lots of them and they’re really tricky when we have to get their spellings correct.

     We enjoyed doing some beautiful artwork for Mother’s Day. We have used colour washes to make delicate colours and then added detailed patterns to our artwork.

     Please take a look at Teams this week, where you will find details of our homework.

News from our week - 18th March 2022

     We have had a super busy week in Beech Class.  In English, we have put our learning about persuasive information text into practice and spent time writing about some of the fabulous places that we love to live in and visit in the United Kingdom, including Compton Farm, Cornwall, Legoland and Woodcote itself. In Maths, we have continued to focus on multiplication and have been using arrays as well as our times tables. We have also enjoyed looking at length and height and have been comparing measurements. We were able to work out who is the tallest in our class.

     We made the most of sunshine on Tuesday afternoon and teamed up with our friends in Oak to get out and explore the school grounds looking for signs of Spring. We enjoyed working with the younger children and Mrs Pearson was very proud of our behaviour.

     In our topic work, we completed our work on the United Kingdom and have moved further afield looking at the continents and oceans of the world. On Wednesday afternoon, we took to our classroom rafts (our tables) and paddled with ruler paddles on an imaginary journey around the globe. We took time to note what the weather was like as we travelled the oceans and to use our binoculars to check out the landscape and animals that we could see on the continents that we passed. We also started to learn a song to help us to remember the names of the continents and oceans and where they are on the map.

     In phonics, we have been working on ‘ph’ spellings. Sometimes it is tricky to know when to use them but we have learnt lots of words so that we can put it into practice in our writing as well as helping us with our reading.

News from our week - 11th March 2022

     The children have all worked hard on some super writing in English this week. We have been writing persuasive information text about our imagined theme park. They have all included some super details and description. In Maths, we focused on our 2x tables this week and on using our knowledge to work on doubling 2-digit numbers. We enjoyed learning the diamond method to help us set out our work and complete the calculations accurately. We have also been measuring and estimating the length of larger things using metres.  

     In our topic work, we have travelled to Northern Ireland and Scotland this week, learning about cities, landmarks and some super legends of giants and the Loch Ness Monster. We enjoyed our PE sessions and are developing our hockey skills.  In Art, we have been looking at patterns and particularly at Scottish tartan. We are working to design our own tartan-inspired patterns.

What a Kork-er! 

    We have been very excited in Beech to receive a fabulous honour today. Yesterday evening Mrs Pearson sent pictures of our special Where's Winnie? posters to Korky Paul. Not only did Korky respond but he loved our pictures so much that he has posted them on his Facebook and Instagram pages! He even chose one of our pictures for his Facebook cover photo. We are all delighted that he likes our pictures just as much as we like his. Thank you, Korky! 

News from our week - 4th March 2022

     We have had a super busy week in Beech. After hearing about everybody’s wonderful half term treats we got settled into some special work in English. We have become Big Write Agents and are working to write information texts about some special places to visit in the UK.  We have also been enjoying reading lots of books. We have been looking at more books that have been illustrated by Korky Paul; although they have been written by different authors. We liked Sanji and the Baker and especially enjoyed spying the author and Korky himself in his illustrations, as well as other Korky characters. 

     We have produced some book reviews and special Where’s Winnie? posters. We all drew WInnie the Witch and coloured in our pictures. Take a look at our posters in our window or here. Can you find the real Winnie pictures?  There are five to find. Can you spot Wilbur keeping an eye on things too? 

     In Maths, we have been working on multiplication, firstly using repeated addition and then the x symbol. We have also started doing some measuring using cm. We realise that you have to work carefully with a ruler.

     We have been excited to start some work on rhythm in music with Mrs Ward.     On Tuesday, we learnt about St David and lots more information about Wales because it was St David’s Day. As a special treat and because it was also Pancake Day, we enjoyed eating pancakes in the afternoon.

     Friday was great fun. Our classroom was filled with fabulous book characters. We really loved hearing about everyone’s books and it was great fun seeing all the children in the classroom in costume.

We had some funny moments like spotting Winnie the Witch sitting working on her Maths next to Toothless and then doing some colouring with Lyra. Our teacher had also transformed into Claude for the day!  

     With all the excitement of Word Book Day celebrations, we also managed to learn to play Quidditch. It was great fun, really fast and competitive. What a fabulous Friday! 

News from our week - 18th February 2022

     What an exciting week it has been in Beech!  A number of children represented the school in the Y1/2 football tournament held at Langtree School on Wednesday. Despite the awful weather conditions the children kept their spirits high and enjoyed playing with determination and skill. We were very pleased to achieve fabulous results and that two of the children were given awards for the Olympic value of Excellence. 

     We have enjoyed more exploration of the UK in Geography and it has been wonderful to see the variety of places that the children chose to research for their recent homework. We will plot these onto our map after half term. In English, we enjoyed writing our Winnie the Witch stories. Inspired by Mrs P’s absence on Monday, we imagined having Winnie as our supply teacher and thought up lots of fun and silliness.

     In Maths, we have moved on to work on multiplication and division. We started this week by practising our 2x tables with some fun movement and dance as well as chanting. We also explored arrays and how these mathematical pictures can help us to understand and visualise multiplication. We have also been working hard to find the difference in amounts of money. Some of this work has been quite tricky so we have drawn number lines to support counting on. We have also used bar models to record our working. Coming to the end of our work on money, our teachers are keen for us to get out and spend some real money over the half term, practising adding and subtracting to work out totals and change. Using and handling real coins will help to bring out learning to life.  

     The children enjoyed an afternoon treat on Thursday as a reward for filling the class bucket. They opted to watch SpongeBob and Aladdin whilst enjoying popcorn! It was lovely to end the term with an activity to recognise their continued good work. Well done to all of Beech Class. 

     Over half term everyone has the opportunity to complete their Helping Creatures Feel at Home assignment (the deadline has been extended) and will also find a new activity on Teams that will roll over half term and the first couple of weeks back.

     Remember to keep reading over the holiday – it’s a great activity to share on those wet and dismal days, should we have any. We wish everyone a restful and enjoyable half term break and look forward to seeing everyone after the holiday.

News from our week - 11th February 2022

     This week we have enjoyed starting our new geography topic. We have been sharing the information that we know about the United Kingdom and its four countries. We looked at flags, symbols and capital cities marking them on our map. We also used a key to complete our map.  We have enjoyed looking at some Winnie the Witch stories recently and on Tuesday we had a go at drawing Winnie ourselves. We did a fabulous job. We have collected all of the spells that we have written into a very special Beech Book of Brilliant Spells. If you are in need of some magic we can help! We are planning to write a new Winnie story next week.

     In Maths, we have been using our addition and subtraction skills to work with money, making different amounts and finding totals. In some of our lessons we had to use all our strategies and thinking powers to solve two-step word problems, sometimes having to add and then subtract to solve complex problems. We enjoyed looking at everyone’s RSPB bird work this week.  We have decided that it is time to check out those bird feeders and see how much they have been enjoyed.  Well done to everyone for making a fabulous start to our Helping Creatures Feel at Home assignment. Don’t worry if you haven’t started yet as there is still lots of time for this one.  

     We have had fun with Mrs Ward and Ethan in PE working on ball skills and getting lots of exercise.

News from our week - 4th February 2022

     Our busy week in Beech has found us getting out and about equipped with clipboards. On Wednesday, we went off to St Leonard’s church to take a good look around. In our RE lessons we have been learning about places of worship and particularly about Christian churches, so it was great to look at the inside and outside noting special features like stained glass windows and the bell, as well as at the special furniture that we find inside and what it is used for. We used our checklists to focus our observations and made drawings and notes about what we saw. Mrs Pearson forgot to take a camera but we have chosen some of our favourite photographs from a website called 'A church near you'.  Go and take a look; it has lots of information about St Leonard's:

     Later in the day we kept hold of our clipboards and used our observational skills again when we got outside for some outdoor science. This time we were looking at living things and considering life processes. We needed to identify things that were living, dead and those that had never been living. It was interesting to try to put things into these categories when we looked at things like a wooden fence or at fruit in our snack box.

     In the classroom we have been busy editing and completing our spells in English, and planning new silly recipes. In Maths, we have been working on some problem solving using all our skills in both addition and subtraction and we were really pleased to find that we have improved our mental maths and the variety of strategies that we can use.

Well-fed Birds of Woodcote

     Well done to everyone for making a fabulous start to our RPSB Wild Challenge work with the fabulous bird feeders and bird boxes. We are certain that all of the birds in Woodcote have been enjoying feasts of tasty treats.

     This week please check out Teams for our new Wild Challenge homework task.

 Mixing it up Mondrian-style

    Over the past two weeks we have been learning about Piet Mondrian and the art that he produced using primary colours and grid lines.  Having studied some of his pictures, last week we produced Mondrian-style pictures using black and white paper and felt pens. We followed some strict rules to help us to capture Mondrian's style but we also broadened the colour choice from primary colours to include these and secondary colours. 

    This week we turned our attention to paint and worked to mix colours carefully in preparation for producing our final Mondrian-style painting. The tricky part was to work hard to control small amounts of paint on our brushes and use skilled small brushstrokes to produce clean and accurate colour wheels showing the primary and secondary colours. 

   Having completed the colour wheels, we are ready to produce our painted gallery of abstract art next week. 

RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch 2022 

     Big Garden Birdwatch long weekend is here! We will be undertaking the Big Birdwatch for Schools next week. However with those wonderful bird feeders hanging in your gardens, do sign-up and take part this weekend if you can. Just spend one hour between Friday 28th and Sunday 30th January counting the birds, and help monitor how birds are faring in the UK in 2022. It’s free, fun, and a great way to keep an eye on your local wildlife. Wherever you are, whatever you see, it counts!

     Don't forget to complete your RSPB Wild Challenge homework activity before Wednesday 2nd February, when we will be sharing our photos and getting ready for our Big Schools' Birdwatch. It has been great to see so many of the children have already started to work on their bird feeders and bird boxes. We do hope that they have also enjoyed some feathered visitors to appreciate their hard work. 

Getting our hands dirty in Science

     Beech Class have been working hard in Science learning all about Healthy Lifestyles, Healthy Eating, Exercise and Hygiene.

     We had great fun in the classroom this week, as we turned our attention to hygiene. We have all learnt so much about germs and how to stop the spread of germs recently. As part of our learning we undertook an experiment all about hand washing.  We enjoyed testing different ways of cleaning our hands and, after making some accurate predictions, we confirmed that warm water and soap removes the most germs. We used glitter as our fake germs for our experiment and recorded our results carefully.  

News from our week - 28th January 2022

     We have had a magical week in Beech, putting our learning about instruction texts to good use and creating some magic spells. We enjoyed reading about Winnie the Witch but decided that she really needed some help with spell and potion making as she often gets in a muddle. We are looking forward to improving and editing our first drafts and to producing a special book of Beech spells.

     In Phonics, we have focused on /ou/ making an /ow/ sound, just like in the word sound. It is one that we sometimes forget, so it is useful for our reading and writing. Our attention turned to subtraction in Maths and we have been solving number problems and subtraction calculations with 2-digit numbers. Our place value skills have been really useful and we really have become expert at this very quickly. It is going to be very useful as we develop more skills with money and work on giving change.


News from our week - 21st January 2022 

     Our busy week, has seen us working on Mondrian-style pictures. Having learnt about Piet Mondrian, we designed our own pictures in his style, working neatly to use straight lines and primary colours.  We even developed our own designs to include secondary colours too. Once we had finished we enjoyed admiring and reviewing each other's work in our own classroom gallery. 


     This week, in English we have continued to look at instruction texts, particularly recipes. Having identified the features, we have been looking in more detail at the sentence structure that makes clear and helpful instructions effective. We have enjoyed the book Beware of Boys which contains some very funny recipes used by a clever little boy to trick a big bad wolf. It includes all sorts of recipes like Boy Soup  and Boy Cake. 

      We are looking forward to writing our own silly recipes. In readiness for our own writing, we have developed our skills in using imperative verbs and have been learning how adverbs can make instructions even clearer. We also had great fun with quantifiers – after all who would want to use four onions when they could use oodles of onions or use 50ml of juice when they could use a glug of juice.  

     We have been thinking about the long /ee/ sound in phonics and it has led us to find lots of homophones, like been and beansee and sea, meet and meat. In Maths, we have been using our skills in adding 2-digit numbers to solve number problems and calculations with money and quantities. Healthy eating has been our focus in our Science this week and we learned about a balanced diet, learning some new terms like carbohydrates and proteins and sorting foods into these groups.

     Please note that homework this week has been set on Teams and launches our RSPB Wild Challenge for 2022. 


RSPB Wild Challenge

     This week we would like to launch a special challenge: RSPB Wild Challenge.  It has become a favourite activity challenge in Beech Class over the last couple of years.  It gives us a chance to enhance our learning in school with some outdoor activities and also help our environment. We will be entering and working towards the RSPB Wild Challenge Gold Award over the coming months both at home and in school. All the details are on the RSPB website:, where you can access lots of information about all the different activities. There is no need to sign up as we will do so at school and children will be able to earn awards as individuals and as a class.  It is our hope that the children will be able to earn Bronze, Silver and even Gold awards from the RSPB before the close of our year in July. 

    There are a huge variety of activities. Many are quite simple while some are a little more ambitious. There is plenty to choose from. Each week we will set a challenge from the Wild Challenge for homework or ask you and your child to choose one and report back to us. You may, of course, choose to do more than one activity. These activities will form the basis of our Show & Tell on those weeks and so we urge you to take lots of photos and submit them on Teams.  We will use these to share in class and as evidence for our submissions to RSPB. We will also share information about our progress here. 

     Between now and half term, we are going to start by looking at birds in our garden and develop this to join in the RSPB Big Schools' Birdwatch. Lots of this work will complement our Maths and Science learning in school in coming weeks. Check out the Teams Assignments for information about our activities and tasks. 

News from our week - 14th January 2022

     We have had a fun-filled week with lots of work on non-fiction texts. We have been focusing on instruction writing and all the features of instruction texts. On Wednesday, we had great fun making jam sandwiches. Mrs Pearson was particularly awful at it and the children had to give her very clear and careful, step by step instructions to get the job done. When we said 'Put the butter on', we didn't mean wear it on your head! It was a lot easier to make the sandwich than to try to tell her how to do it.  Once we had made and enjoyed our sandwiches we had a go at writing instructions, using imperative verbs (bossy verbs that tell you what to do) and clearly numbered steps. 

     In Maths, we have been using all our skills to add two 2-digit numbers together. We have used our understanding of place value and lots of addition strategies, like our number bonds to 10. We are also able to use these skills to add up prices and work with money to make different amounts.

     Thursday was a chilly morning but we enjoyed our PE lesson on ball skills. In Science, we have been thinking about the basic needs of all animals, including humans. We have thought about the important part that exercise plays in keeping us healthy and have been thinking about how we feel when we exercise. We are looking forward to learning about healthy foods and hopefully doing a bit more cooking.


News from our week and Happy New Year! - 7th January 2022

     How lovely to have the children back in school and hear all about their wonderful Christmas breaks. Our classroom was filled with excitement as we shared news of favourite gifts, foods and people that we had seen over the holiday.

     All of the Beech team would also like to say a big thank you for all your generous gifts and cards. We felt thoroughly spoilt.

     The children settled back into our classroom routines and hard work quickly and we are looking forward to a busy and successful term. In Maths, having revised our skills in addition, we started to tackle adding larger numbers together using a variety of strategies. This is going to be very useful as we continue to work with money and problem solving.

     In English, we are turning our attention to non-fiction texts this term. We have started by looking at fiction vs non-fiction, features of each genre and thinking about which ones we like and why.

     Our PE days have changed this term and we were very happy to see Ethan in our new Thursday slot and to start our lessons with him on ball skills. We look forward throwing, catching, rolling, kicking and hitting with increased skill throughout the term.

     We wish everyone a very happy new year and look forward to a full, healthy and happy 2022 together.



News from our week and Happy Christmas! - 17th December 2021

     We have had a wonderful and busy week. We enjoyed running our performance for filming and singing some of our songs outside for a live audience at the outdoor event. We hope that you enjoyed it too. Our film is now being edited ready to be released via Teams for everyone to enjoy over the Christmas holidays. Don’t forget to check your Teams login and password.     

     Everything has been very Christmassy all week with lots of crafting and origami and a delicious lunch on Wednesday. However, we have squeezed in some school work too and have worked on a variety of challenges and problem solving activities in Maths and Phonics, some provided by our classroom elves and others as part of our curriculum.

     We have also had fun sharing our Teams Show & Tell with lots of pictures of Christmas preparations. Having worked really hard all term we had filled our classroom bucket with pompoms once again and were able to enjoy a special treat on Thursday. We had great fun playing board games and lots of other games. We also enjoyed a special classroom tuck shop which, along with being tasty and fun, gave us the opportunity to use our money skills with the classroom money.

     The children have all worked hard since September and made us very proud. The Beech team wish you all a restful and happy Christmas and look forward to lots more learning and adventures with you all in the new year.


News from our week - 10th December 2021

     The children have made us incredibly proud as we have completed a number of assessments this week. They have worked hard to apply the skills that they have learnt in Year 2 so far and demonstrate all their learning. Well done to all of them.

     In addition to all of this we have also had more rehearsal fun and we all really enjoyed doing our first run through in costume. Suddenly we had to cope with tails, ears, wings and lots more.

     Our Christmas elves have continued to challenge us and have fun with our learning with daily puzzles and challenges to solve. In our English lessons we enjoyed writing diary entries for the different characters from the Nativity story. Some of us used the more traditional characters and others used their characters from our play. 

   In Maths, we have continued with addition and subtraction developing our use of 2-digit numbers in our calculations. We have also enjoyed beginning to work with money and have found our place value and addition knowledge very useful.

     This week please note that homework needs to be submitted via Teams. It is a fun and simple photo challenge that will form the basis of our Show & Tell next week. This will also give us the chance to check that everyone knows their login details and is able to access Teams ahead of the Nativity film access.



News from our week - 3rd December 2021

     The children have had a very busy, Christmassy week! They have worked hard in play rehearsals and we have been really pleased with all the expression and effort that everyone has put in. We are looking forward to getting our costumes on and the cameras out for some fabulous performances. Thank you for your responses to the Parentmail and your permissions.

     We were also busy with some beautiful Christmas carol artwork this week. We have created some lovely stained glass window pictures. Watching the sunlight or the inside lights change the effect of our pictures linked with our Light and Dark learning in RE and our Show and Tell theme.

     On Wednesday morning we were delighted to find that two cheeky classroom Christmas elves have joined us. It was fun to find them hiding in our buckets. They have appeared each day and always bring special challenges for us to solve. They must have been keeping an eye on our learning in recent weeks as they seem to be checking that we have been listening carefully and have asked us to use our learning.

    In our English lessons we have focused on conjunctions, joining two clauses or sentences with words like ‘and’, ‘but’ and ‘or’. It has been lovely to read the super nursery rhyme diary entries that the children created for homework. What fabulous imaginative writing!

     In Maths, we have been developing our addition and subtraction and using 2-digit numbers in our calculations. We have also been looking at symmetry and having fun with patterns.



News from our week - 26th November 2021

     Christmas play rehearsals have been in full swing this week. The children are doing a good job of learning their lines and delivering them with improved expression. We have had fun with lots of different animal characters: a sassy cat, a slightly grumpy cockerel, some excitable sheep and lots, lots more. Thank you for your support with line-learning and costumes. Please look out for the ParentMail with the latest information about performance and filming.

     We have continued to look at Sophie Scott Goes South in our English lessons and have been learning about the features of diary writing: past tense verbs, first person and using time words. We enjoyed reading some diary entries from other characters too, including Red Riding Hood.

     In Maths, we have continued to work on addition and subtraction. We have found that using our number bonds to ten can help us with much bigger calculations and have been adding tens numbers to make 100. Our fact families’ knowledge means that we can also work on subtractions with these numbers too.

     Applying our learning has been a focus in Phonics again this week, with us reading and writing words with digraphs, trigraphs and even four-letter graphemes like ‘augh’. We have been focusing on lots of different spellings of the /or/ sound and have found that there really are LOTS of them making spelling and reading quite a challenge sometimes. Can you think of more than five? We did.



News from our week - 19th November 2021

     We have enjoyed World Nursery Rhyme week in Beech. It was fun guessing each class’s rhyme by looking at their window displays and we enjoyed reciting the rhymes and some more too. We hope that you liked our window display. We are sure that you were able to guess the rhyme.

     In Maths, we have been looking at patterns and enjoyed creating some with different shapes. We also worked on more addition and subtraction in our lessons on number, using fact families to find the inverse or opposite of different calculations.

     We have been busy in phonics applying our learning to real and nonsense words, taking time to spot the different digraphs. We continued to master split digraphs, /ew/ and /ue/. We enjoyed another Big Write this week. This time we were presented with a mystery object that really got us thinking. It inspired us to write different stories about archaeologists, robot dinosaurs and lots more.

     This week we started to read through and rehearse our Christmas play. We are having fun using our acting skills to bring the characters to life. We all need to work hard to learn our lines in readiness to rehearse on the stage next week. This is our homework again this week. Please support your child with this.




Remembrance Day

    Each year the children take time to remember the fallen. This year we were not all able to attend at the War Memorial but were proud to send our poppy wreath with our School Council Reps who attended on our behalf. Our wreath can be seen lying to the right of the photograph above. We produced it by cutting out the different components for a poppy and then linking them together with a split pin. Everyone made one. Having made our poppies we created a green wreath of leaves by cutting out outlines of our own hands, laying them and linking them around the poppies. It linked us to remembrance with us holding hands with the past. We felt very proud of the finished wreath which can now be seen displayed in our classroom window. During our school Service of Remembrance we all stood in the playground at 11am. We observed the two minutes silence and then listened while the Y6 children read out the names of the fallen that appear on Woodcote's war memorial.  The Y6s then recited “in Flanders Fields”. We felt proud to join in this simple but important service. 

News from our week - 12th November 2021

     What a busy week we have had in Beech! We produced some purposeful art, making a beautiful poppy wreath in readiness for Remembrance and some artwork in preparation for World Nursery Rhyme Week. Don’t forget to check out our display and see if you can guess our rhyme.

     In Maths, we have been looking more closely at 3D shapes and their properties, including finding edges. We have moved on to addition and subtraction in our lessons on number and have been looking at fact families or related facts.

     In phonics we have been learning about split digraphs and alternative spellings of the /oo/ sound: ew, ue, oo, u_e. We have continued to read Sophie Scott Goes South in English, enjoying looking at the beginning of her journey. We have learnt about past and present tense verbs and noted this in Sophie’ journal. We also took some time to do a Big Write using a fabulous picture of a wolf all dressed up in a nightdress. Lots of us thought it might be the Big Bad Wolf but some of us decided it might be a different wolf and created new stories and ideas.

     Well done to all of the children who have done a fabulous job of their half term challenge. We have been delighted to see all the wonderful vehicle models that have been brought into class.

     This week we have started to sing the songs for our nativity play and have given scripts to the children to start learning their words. Please support your child with this. We are looking forward to sharing the performance with you in some way – although plans are still not confirmed. We will share information with you as soon as we can.



News from our week - 21st October 2021

     The children have enjoyed the final week before half term. Having worked hard all term they had filled our class bucket with pompoms and earned a treat. This meant that Wednesday saw some new arrivals in the classroom as the children brought in their favourite soft toy companions. It was great to meet floppy bunnies, cuddly bears and many more much-loved toys. We took the opportunity to do some writing about our toys, producing descriptions and some adventure stories. In the afternoon, remaining on the soft toy theme, we enjoyed watching The Tigger Movie as a special treat.

     In Maths we have completed our unit of work on place value and the children showed off their skills in an end of unit assessment. They have gained real confidence in this area of their maths knowledge and will be able to utilise it as we move on after half term.

     We enjoyed more work on trains, coming up to the present day with electric trains and were fascinated by the change in shape of the front of many trains and how this helps with speed.

     In phonics we have been concentrating on our high frequency words and some of the common errors when spelling some of these tricky words, like saw, were, of and off.

     It was lovely to see everyone at the parents’ evening appointments. We wish everyone a restful, healthy and happy half term. Well done, Beech. You have made a super start to Year 2 this half term.



Amazing Athletes 

     Yesterday a team of KS1 runners represented the school in the Woodcote Partnership event. They all ran extremely well and should be very proud of themselves. We are certainly proud of them all.

     In the Year 2 girls' race Beech girls did brilliantly, showing themselves to be amazing athletes. They achieved 1st place, 3rd, 5th and 10th. The Year 2 boys made us all equally proud being just as awesome and achieving 1st place, 3rd and 6th. It was fabulous to see the children do so well. The Olympic Value this time was determination and it was awarded to one of our Y2 girls. Well done to all who took part!



News from our week - 15th October 2021

     Another busy week in Beech has seen us working hard in Science learning about animals, their offspring and life cycles. We loved learning about the metamorphosis that some animals undergo, like butterflies and frogs. In Maths we have been counting in steps of two and ten. We found it a much more efficient way to count sometimes and have been able to combine it with our place value work too.

     We have been thinking about different types of sentences again in English, giving commands and asking questions. We have been using lots of different punctuation too. We finished the week by writing our own story pages for On the Way Home. We worked hard to show all the fabulous Year 2 learning that we have done this term: using adjectives, question marks and even an exclamation.

     We had great fun on Wednesday sharing our special Show & Tell items. There is no special theme for next week as we are going to use the time to look at our baby photos and enjoy a special baby quiz.



Greys Court Cross Country Event

     There was a great turn out of 12 Woodcote children for the first cross country event of the year at Greys Court at the weekend.  It was super to see Beech Class being well represented by five of our girls and they did themselves proud. On a tough and hilly course all the runners did brilliantly with WPS bringing home 5 medals.  Martha from Beech achieved a bronze medal. Well done to everyone who took part and a special congratulations to Martha.  



News from our week - 1st October 2021

     We have had another busy week in Beech. We have enjoyed discovering more books and stories by John Burningham and have been comparing them to each other and using our ideas to predict the endings before we have read some of them. We like the way he has lots of animals in the stories and that there are often surprise events and animal characters where you don’t expect them.

     We have been also thinking about animals, including humans, in our Science this week. We looked at animal groups and baby animals. Lots of us were surprised to find out that a baby elephant is called a calf. We had a quick peep at some of our baby photos and are looking forward to using them to think about growing and changing.

     We continued to develop our place value knowledge in Maths by using place value charts. We are becoming real experts and will be able to use this knowledge to help with our calculations. We have also been developing our understanding of 3D shapes and have enjoyed trying to make our own in class! We are enjoying learning new skills in Art, although we do find sketching lightly a challenge.

     The children have worked hard this week at developing their skills in some of their independent learning time, including working on tasks in small groups or pairs, listening to each other and working on ways to support their own learning more independently, for example by using a sound mat to support our spelling rather than asking an adult. The adults are always there to help but the children have been particularly proud of being more autonomous and using more self-help strategies in the classroom. We enjoyed sharing our All about Me bags again in new groups this week.



News from our week - 24th September 2021

     What a super week with lots of drama, speaking and listening. We enjoyed doing some drama based on our class story and used our ideas to help us to write a new page for The Shopping Basket. Goodness some of those mums from the story were cross and some of our Stevens had a lot of explaining to do! We also performed our fabulous Autumn poem at Harvest festival and lead the service in prayers of thanks for the harvest.

     In keeping with the harvest theme, on Monday we enjoyed dancing around as falling autumn leaves in PE with Mrs Ward. We interpreted the music with floating, spinning, dipping and rising movements. Our Friday PE session is quite a contrast with us developing our tag rugby skills.

     We also squeezed in an out-of-season art activity this week, as we enjoyed designing our Christmas cards. We hope that you liked the super Santa’s and look forward to receiving your orders for our masterpieces.

     In Maths we have been using part-whole models to partition 2-digit numbers and have also been developing our knowledge in geometry: revising 2D shapes, 3D shapes and all their properties.

     Our first themed Show and Tell on Wednesday was fabulous. The children worked in teams to share their All About Me bags, explaining each of the contents and working really hard at their speaking and listening skills, showing respect to and interest in the speakers as they took turns. Our table captains did a great job of leading each group. We will use our bags again next week, when we will mix up the groups to share with a wider audience in the classroom, so no new theme this week.



News from our week - 17th September 2021

     We have enjoyed another busy week. In Maths we have continued to work on our counting, place value and 2-digit numbers. We have been using lots of Maths equipment to represent numbers and drawing some Tens and Ones pictures.

     We have been using The Shopping Basket story and continued to develop our word work. We have been putting adjectives with nouns together to make expanded noun phrases to describe the animals that Steven meets in the story. We have found the commas that we learnt about useful as we can use more than one adjective to create some really super descriptions.

     We are enjoying learning a poem for harvest and have been making up actions to go with it, as well as producing illustrations for our presentation



News from our first week in Beech - 10th September 2021

    What a fabulous first full week! The children are settling well. They and the staff are getting used to the daily routines and have enjoyed our sunny playtimes too. It has been lovely to welcome Miss Hogan to Woodcote and we are enjoying getting to know her.

     We have been working hard on counting, place value and 2-digit numbers in Maths. We all enjoyed playing some 100-square games.

     In our English lessons, we have enjoyed the story of The Shopping Basket. We have been learning about nouns and putting them into lists and have learnt about using commas in lists when we put them in our writing.

     It was good fun doing PE this week. We have been dancing with Mrs Ward and started some work on tag rugby with Ethan. Our PE days have changed to Mondays and Fridays. Please remember NOT to wear PE kit this coming Monday (13th September) as it is school photo day. We will be fine to do our dancing for one lesson in our school uniform.

     Children have been given reading books and a reading record this week. Please bear with us as we get the level of book right as we complete our assessments and get to know the children better.



Welcome to 2021-22

     The children have made a fabulous start to the school year, settling and smiling in Beech Class.  We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead.  Despite some restrictions and precautions to keep us all safe we are pleased that our classroom and timetable is full of plans for fun, challenge and learning.  

     Do keep an eye on this page as we look forward to sharing news and photos of our time together, in particular as you are not able to visit the classroom so easily. 

   This year Mrs Pearson and Mrs Hammond will be working as Class Teachers supported by Miss Hogan and Mrs Benham. 

    It has been lovely for us to see you at drop-off and pick-up. If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to speak to any member of the Beech staff team or to e-mail the office, who efficiently pass all messages on to us. We will be happy to help or share information appropriately.  

ARCHIVE 2020-21

Perfect Portraits

     We are incredibly proud of all our hard work on our clay portraits.  We were delighted to show them off in KS1 assembly and to share some with Y6 in order that they could admire our work.  We have enjoyed looking at some of the artwork that they have done recently. We think you will agree that taking our time and real care to paint and complete these portraits has really paid off and we have created a very special gallery. We wonder if you can identify each of us in the portraits. 

Discovering the Globe

   We had great fun using compass directions and world maps to explore the globe in our Geography. We climbed aboard our classroom rafts (oops - our tables) and paddled (with our ruler paddles) our imaginary adventure across the classroom carpet oceans.  As we travelled we noted the changes in temperature, the different landscapes, landmarks and the wonderful and varied animals that we could see through our telescopes. We took time thinking about our directions and noting the different oceans that we crossed and the continents around us. 

Making Music

   Recently we have enjoyed working on rhythm and pulse in our Music lessons. Today we swapped our clapping and stamping rhythms for some percussion instruments. We enjoyed composing our own simple rhythmical sequences in groups of three.  Each of us wrote a line of notation for our rhythm and then we played in unison on our different percussion instruments.  We found it took some concentration to make sure that our regular pace and beat was equal in order that we played our sequence together. 

Working on Self-Portraits 

   This week we have enjoyed working on self-portraits.  We have worked on pencil sketches and coloured pencil drawings.  We then used clay to produce a portrait face. These will need to dry before we can paint them and complete our self-portrait plaques. 

Tasty Maths

      Being dressed as a variety of book characters didn't stop us using our expertise in data-handling today.  We had worked hard during lockdown, learning about tally charts and pictograms and this week we continued this theme by mastering block graphs.

     We put our knowledge to the test by analysing packs of Maoam Stripes.  We grouped and sorted the sweets, working out which of the colours appeared in each pack the most.  We made charts to record our information and completed a block diagram.

     Finally, we made the most of the sunshine, making a giant Maoam block graph on the playground.  It seems that if you like the strawberry flavour best then you're in for a treat! 

Classroom Characters

     World Book Day found our classroom full of a wide variety of characters.  We had great fun hearing about each costume, character and the book that had inspired it.  We had knights, fairies, wizards, footballers, princesses and many more. Miss Critcher was the 'Tiger who Came to Tea' and Mrs Benham had become the 'Demon Dentist'.  We all had to behave ourselves and keep our crisps out of the way as Mrs Pearson had turned in 'The Monster Crisp Guzzler'. 

     We finished our day with some fun games and activities.  What a great end to our first week back in the classroom.  How fabulous it is to all be back together! 

Inspired by Mondrian

    Over the past two weeks we have been learning about Piet Mondrian and the art that he produced using primary colours.  Having studied some of his pictures the children have produced collages and paintings inspired by Mondrian. The children have worked hard to use straight lines, grids and primary colours. 

   First they produced collages by sticking shapes onto black paper.  Then they planned a Mondrian style picture by colouring in one of his grids.  The tricky part was to then follow their plan and colour a larger grid with paint.  To do this the children had to work hard to control small amounts of paint on their brushes and use skilled small bushstrokes to produce the clean lines and colours of a Mondrian painting. 

   Then, having completed these two tasks, the children designed and created their own Mondrian grid paintings. This time they had to work carefully with a ruler to create their grid and paint with care and precision. They did really well and are very proud of their work. 

Welcome to 2020-21

     It has been a fabulous start to the school year and so wonderful to have the children back in school and to see them settling and smiling in Beech Class.  We are looking forward to a good year.  Despite the current restrictions and necessary precautions we are pleased that our classroom and timetable is full of plans for fun, challenge and learning.  

     Do keep an eye on this page as we look forward to sharing news and photos of our time together, in particular as you are not able to visit us in the classroom. 

   This year Mrs Pearson will be working as Class Teacher supported by Miss Critcher and Mrs Benham. 

    It has been lovely for us to see you at the gate in the past few days but we realise that this is more restrictive than usual. If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to speak to any member of the Beech staff team at the gate or alternatively to e-mail the office, who efficiently pass all messages on to us. We will be happy to help or share information appropriately.  Mrs Pearson looks forward to meeting you all at Parents' Evening in the coming weeks. 

ARCHIVE 2019-20

Keep safe! Keep smiling! Keep Learning!

Celebration and Time Together

    In Beech we had a fun day on Friday spending time together, preparing learning packs, doing Art, playing games and singing together.  We enjoyed sharing some healthy and 'naughty' snacks as a treat. 


Maths Learning - Symmetry

   The children enjoyed working on symmetry challenges in Maths this week. Watch out for some more challenges with shape and symmetry in our home learning projects. 

Getting Creative with Clay

     On Wednesday Beech Class had a great time working with clay.  Having had some time to get used to handling (or in one case karate chopping) the clay, we then worked on our technique to produce a pinch pot.  Once we had produced one pinch pot we made a second and then added these together to produce a larger single pot. 

     As the clay is so forgiving and could be reworked a number of times, the children showed real determination and fabulous growth mindset attitudes to remaking and improving each pinch pot until they were happy with their best example. The pots need to air dry (which sadly they will have plenty of time to do) before we can decorate them.  

     We all really enjoyed working with the clay and each pot is beautifully unique.  

Working from Home


As the need for people to self-isolate increases and some children are unable to be in school, we are aware that you may find that children need to work at home.   Please click on the  'Working from Home' link above to find activities and work to support your children's continued learning. We will post work, links, websites and activity ideas that you can be getting on with over the coming weeks.


Keep smiling! Keep safe! Keep healthy! Keep Learning! 

Indoor Athletics at Langtree

Beech had a fabulous afternoon at Langtree, running, jumping and working as an awesome team.  Each child participated in at least one event from relay to obstacle races, standing jump to speed bounce. The children cheered for each other and were great ambassadors for teamwork.  They listened carefully to instructions and showed determination and resilience. Four children were awarded medals for the olympic value of courage. Well done to everyone! 

Waste Worries

In Beech Class we are lucky, along with our friends in Hornbeam and Oak, to enjoy school fruit every day.  However, we have recently become concerned about how much of the fruit goes to waste.  Although we have snacks at break time and can have fruit at lunch if we would like it, we often seem to have apples, bananas, pears or carrots spare at the end of the week. In particular, pears do not seem to be very popular.  We decided to try to find a tasty way to use up some of the surplus fruit.  So we baked pear muffins - peeling and chopping the pears carefully, weighing and mixing the other ingredients. They were delicious.  Despite pears being the least popular fruit in our class, 21 out of the 25 children in our class thought that the pear muffins were delicious. 

Sparkling Science 

Beech Class have been working hard in Science learning all about Healthy Lifestyles, Healthy Eating, Exercise and Hygiene. As part of their learning they undertook an experiment all about hand washing.  Using glitter as fake germs the children tested to see what was the most effective method for hand washing.  They were not surprised to find that using hot water and soap and rubbing their hands together vigorously removed the most glitter and would, therefore, be the best way to get rid of dirt and germs. 

An Important Thank You 

After such a fabulous treat and visit to the pantomime, Beech Class wanted to write and thank the actors and the staff of the theatre for their special visit. Each child worked hard to compose a letter and then to produce their best handwritten copy.  All the letters were delivered to the theatre and Beech Class received a personal response from the Artistic Director who was thrilled to hear how much they had all enjoyed the panto and was impressed by the quality of their hard work. 

Brilliant Beastly New Year!

Beech Class and some other children from across school started the new year and new term with a fabulous treat! We were invited by the Beast himself to go and see the pantomime at Oxford Playhouse.  The story was based on Beauty and the Beast but had some fun surprises along the way - did you know Beauty had a pet orangutan called Brian?  Mrs Pearson was a bit over-excited about going to see the show because her son, Matt, was playing the Beast.  It did mean that we had some extra-special moments during our visit. Some of our friends from KS2 were asked to go up on stage and join in with a game with the Wicked Witch Kardashia, and even Mrs Pearson herself had to go up and join in with the actions for a song with Brian the orangutan. Then when the show was over and all the other children had left the theatre, we went up the stairs to a special room and met some of the actors who had been in the show - it was very exciting.  The wicked witch brought her crown and Matt brought one of the Beast's feet - it was huge! Two of the dancers from the show taught some Beech children how to do the teapot dance and Beauty came to have a chat too. 

All of KS1 should be very proud of their outstanding performances in Angel Express.  The children all worked hard to learn their lines and roles over the term.  The songs and singing were lively and full of enthusiasm. As well as making sure that we learnt about the Christmas story the play gave us lots of opportunities for laughs with chocolate-faced angels and a very exasperated choir master trying to train his unruly and out of tune choir. 
What a fabulous day we enjoyed at the British Motor Museum, Gaydon.  We were very excited to see a replica of Karl Benz's first car and then to learn about the development of the car through the early 20th century. We also enjoyed our visit to the old London Bus and made sure that we paid the clippy for our tickets and thanked our brave driver. We also had time to explore lots of other areas of the museum: seeing one of the fastest cars, lots of minis, some famous cars from movies.  As a special treat we had a ride in a 1940s Riley. Without any seatbelts, wooden window frames and rather bumpy suspension, we felt that we could make a few improvements to the car.  

Model Homework

Beech Class all rose to the challenge of producing a model vehicle over the half term holiday. They used all sorts of materials and produced a wide variety of vehicles from rockets to police cars, hot air balloons to camper vans. They have proudly shown them off in assembly.  What a day to decide to take photos of our fabulous models - we seem to have gone Children in Need mad!  It's good to see that we can apply enthusiasm to all sorts of things! 

Pudsey Visits for Children in Need

Working with Primary Colours

In Beech we started our artistic year by learning about the primary colours and working with control when painting. The children enjoyed learning the artist Piet Mondrian producing art inspired by his use of primary colours and black lines by using paint and collage.  Working neatly required control, patience and lots of concentration. 

Phonics Event 

     We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 1st October, 3.30-4.30, for our Phonics event.  KS1 staff will be discussing how we teach phonics and why it is so useful to your children. Please come along to learn the pure sounds and how to support your child with their reading and writing. Phonics is used throughout your child’s life and is not just limited to KS1 - so bring along a KS2 parent-pal! A crèche will be provided for those that would like to/need to bring a sibling in order to attend the event. 

Welcome to 2019-20

     What a great start to the year!  We have been delighted to see all the children enthusiastic and excited on their return to school.  We are looking forward to a great year of fun, challenge and learning.  All of the children are settling well and finding their way around their new classroom. 

     Do keep an eye on this page as we look forward to sharing news and photos of our time together. 

   As a reminder - Mrs Pearson works Mon, Tues, Wed and Mrs Hammond works on Thurs, Fri. Both teachers look forward to meeting you again at our "Meet the Teacher" event on Monday 9th September.  This year Mrs Kew and Mrs Chadwick will be supporting us in Beech Class.

    If you have any questions or concerns please do speak to any member of the Beech staff team and they will be happy to help or share information appropriately. 

ARCHIVE 2018-19

     Despite some dubious weather and a substantial delay to the start of proceedings the children have all enjoyed their experience of Swan Upping. The team were delayed when rowing from Sonning to Mapledurham and so our time with them was somewhat short.  However, all the children were thrilled to hear that the delay was caused because of the large number of swans that were lifted from the water during the morning's Swan Upping. As the event's main purpose these days is conservation and protection, it is good to hear that numbers, that had been diminished in the past couple of years, are on the increase!  

     The children were bursting with enthusiasm to share their knowledge with Mr Barber. They had learnt so much in the past few days about pens, cobs, cygnets, nesting, Swan Upping and the vulnerability of the mute swans to predators and pollution. 

     We are very grateful Mr Barber and his team who have allowed us to be part of this special and unique event yet again. As a token of our thanks we presented the team with gifts and a book of our swan artwork, containing a stunning picture by each child in the class. 

Warwick Castle

We all had a fabulous time at Warwick Castle in the glorious sunshine. The children enjoyed walking up the motte which was built by William the Conqueror's men in 1068, lunch in the sunshine, climbing the ramparts, viewing the arrow slits and murder holes at the top of Guy's Tower, a tour about castle life and the Kingmaker, exploring around the bailey area and some well-needed rest in the shade. 

Falconer's Quest at Warwick Castle

One of the highlights of our trip to Warwick Castle was the falconry display. We were all awed and amazed as the birds of prey dived and soared across a blue sky. At times they skimmed our heads as the swooped over us. The birds we saw included: a stunning barn owl, elegant and ghostly white against the blue sky; a majestic sea eagle, with white tipped wings and yellow beak; a peregrine falcon, with stunning agility and speed; and an enormous condor, monstrous in size. 

Raising the Dragon

Beech children have worked together to produce a stunning dragon and today it took to the sky, well the ceiling of the classroom anyway. Following their successful dragon information text, the children have also been inspired to write dragon stories. They have worked hard to incorporate effective description. 

Africa Inspired Art and DT

We have learnt lots about Africa and used our knowledge to inspire our Art and DT projects.  

Candle Holders

We learnt about African patterns and used these to create designs for our tea-light holders. We had to use special pens to put colour onto the glass – normal pens just wiped off. We had to work carefully to produce the details on the glass.


African Sunsets

African sunsets on the savannah grasslands are very beautiful.  We made sunset and silhouette pictures using tissue paper and black paper.  We had to work carefully with the scissors to make sure that the animals were cut out accurately so that their silhouettes were successful.  Our pictures were then sealed in the laminator to protect them.  The laminator puts plastic around our pictures.  Look at our classroom window to see a real gallery of our sunset pictures.


We have made percussion shakers in DT this term.  We will be able to use these to play a rhythm to go with our Swahili song.  We had to measure and cut the wood.  Then we painted it.  We painted it red.  Red is an important colour for the Masai people.  It stands for bravery and strength.  We used recycled metal bottle tops for our shakers.   We had to punch a hole in them with a nail by using a hammer.  It was hard to hammer the nails into the wood and we needed some help. 

KS1 Cross Country

Beech had a wonderful afternoon at the KS1 Cross Country event.  All of the children participated and ran with energy and enthusiasm. We were very proud of all of them and were pleased to return back with three medal winners. In addition Woodcote School won the Olympic Values Trophy for the event. Well run Woodcote! 

Africa Topic: Computer Research

The children have enjoyed working together, researching African environments and habitats using the computers.  They had a number of documents to choose from and had to complete their topic research for desert, rainforest and savannah environments independently. 

Wonderful World Book Day

What a fabulous array of characters filled Beech Class on World Book Day.  The children all looked wonderful and had lots to say about their chosen book characters. Hopefully they also met some new characters that they might like to read about in the future. 

Pancake Production Line