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Heritage Motor Museum - 22nd Nov 2015


What a fabulous day Beech Class had at the Heritage Motor Museum on Tuesday 17th November. The museum was full of British cars from across the centuries from Karl Benz’s first car, the first car ever built, through to some that were “Back from the Future”, the De Lorean famous for its film outings and seen by us further into the future than it has ever previously been!

Do ask your children all about Karl Benz’s car.  We learnt some wonderful facts and identified different parts of the car.  We also heard some great anecdotes about Karl Benz and Mrs Benz and about her hat pins and underwear vital tools for her special journey!


We enjoyed exploring a fabulous old London bus, including climbing up onto the open top deck. A number of the children had the privilege of dressing up in bus driver and conductor uniforms. We learnt about how tough the jobs could be, especially when the conductor had to count and balance her ticket punches with her takings.

The musuem has a fabulous timeline of cars which gave us lots of opportunities to notice when changes in the design and development of cars happened and how it made an impact on how people dressed, lived and enjoyed driving.
WOW! What a day and so much to see and learn! Beech class recommend a visit to the Heritage Motor Museum as a wonderful day out.  Tickets can be purchased with Tesco vouchers and the museum offer an annual pass in return for Gift Aid registration on your day ticket. The museum is now closing for a fabulous refurbishment and the creation of their new extension.  All will be reopening in February. Take a look at their website and plan a visit for the new year!