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Y4 – Rowan

Welcome To Rowan Class

The Rowan Team:

   Mrs Peacock

Mrs Wibberley, Mrs Thorne, Mrs Hood-Cree and Mrs Gent

Dragon Days!

Art with Graphite and Charcoal

Rowan enjoyed looking at and learning about the art of Barbara Hepworth. Then they used graphite and charcoal to produce these fabulous sketches in response to her work, thinking carefully about line and tone and interpreting shadow and depth in their work. 


Outdoor Maths

With the warmer weather this week, we decided to take our Maths outside and plot different co-ordinates on our own grids. Once our grids were drawn, we had fun joining up the co-ordinates to create different polygon shapes.

Making Rivers!


In Topic, we have been exploring the different parts of a river. Today, we were set the challenge of creating our own rivers and labelling each of the different parts. After making the river beds and designing the landscape around the river, we worked hard on naming each of the different parts and had fun testing our rivers out. 

World Book Day 2021

Archive 2019/20

World Book Day 2020

Rowan Class Trip to Oxford


We really enjoyed visiting both the Natural History Museum and the History of Science Museum. Whilst at the History of Science Museum, we investigated how Columbus sailed the seas and what objects he would have used on his journey. 

How is sound made?


This week we have enjoyed investigating how sound is made. We experimented lightly tapping a tuning fork, placing it in the bowl of water and observing what happens to the tuning fork vibrating.

We also created our very own string telephones! We experimented using our telephones in many different ways including around corners, under the desks, loosening the string and then tightening it again. 



Welcome to 2019-20!

Archive 2018/19


Rowan class trip

Last term, Rowan Class visited the Pitts Rivers Museum in Oxford to explore the ancient Maya. See some reviews and photos of our day below. 

Ukulele lessons begin!

Rowan class have began to learn how to play the ukulele. So far they have been learning about the beat of different pieces of music and practised how to play an A minor chord.