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Design Your Own Book Cover - 24th Feb 2014

Your homework is to redesign the front cover of one of your favourite books. 


The homework is in due in on World Book Day Thursday 6th March.  The winner will receive a prize during Celebration Assembly on Friday 7th March.


Here are a few tips:

  • First think of all the words to put on the cover: title, author, publisher, strapline (short exciting phrase), blurb (what the book is about)…
  • Secondly think of pictures that would show what the book is about.
  • Now think of anything else like a publisher’s logo, a photo of the author and a quote from a critic.
  • Decide what goes on the front, the back and the spine.
  • Next draw a rough design.
  • Remember that the left will be the back and the right will be the front when it is folded.
  • Which way will you write on the spine so that you can read it on a bookshelf?


If you need another blank book cover please see your class teacher.


Mrs Farrant