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Woodcote Primary School



Homework will be given out on Thursday on a sheet placed inside the children's homework books. This will be inside the children's bags when they leave school on Thursday. They will then have till the following Monday to complete the homework. This is to allow the children more than enough opportunity to complete their homework on time.


The children will often be required to complete a maths and writing activity. The writing activity will vary depending on the topic covered in class during the week.


Fronted Adverbials


Fronted adverbials are words or phrases that add more information to the verb in the sentence. As their namesake suggests, these adverbs/adverbial phrases are situated at the front of the sentence with a comma separating it from the main part of the sentence:


Curiously, the pupils investigated the bones in the ear.

(How the verb is being done)



That same day, the teacher told the school how proud he was of his pupils.

(When the verb is being done)



Across the playground, word spread about how clever Year 4 are.

(Where the verb is being done)