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Two pieces of homework are given out on alternate Fridays.  One is due in on the following Friday with the other one due in the week after.  


Spelling, Reading and Times Tables


Spellings are given out on Mondays and need to be learnt in preparation for a spelling test on Fridays.  It is important that children practise these for them to become embedded in long term memory.  Please do come and see us if you need any more guidance on supporting children with learning their spellings. 


Ideally, children will be reading at home everyday.  This can be a combination of reading to themselves and to an adult.  As your child progresses through KS2, it is still very important for you to listen to and discuss their reading. It is equally as important for them to have a regular chance to listen to you reading. 


Children are expected to undertake regular practise of their times tables.  Everyone should be completing up to 10 games a week to help improve the speed of recall.  Times tables can also be practised using other online websites (such as Hit the Button), playing games and through reciting and questioning.


Fronted Adverbials


Fronted adverbials are words or phrases that add more information to the verb in the sentence. As their namesake suggests, these adverbs/adverbial phrases are situated at the front of the sentence with a comma separating it from the main part of the sentence:


Curiously, the pupils investigated the bones in the ear.

(How the verb is being done)



That same day, the teacher told the school how proud he was of his pupils.

(When the verb is being done)



Across the playground, word spread about how clever Year 4 are.

(Where the verb is being done)