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More red kite writing... - 12 Oct 2012

Red Kite


He is like a jet gliding though the sky.
Wings outstretched like a meter stick in the sky.

Golden pools stare from beneath.
As grey as an old man’s hair.

Watching, perched still as a statue.
Diving like Tom Daly, down through the air.
Wings like a W, building up speed.
Aiming for the carrion splattered on the ground.

Feet out like wheels landing on a runway.
Eyes focussed as a dog sees a cat.
High as a hot air balloon floating through the open free sky.
Staring at his prey just been squashed all over the road.

As big as a whale shark through the sky.
A pointy beak as pointy as the Eiffel Tower.
Sharp claws as sharp as shark’s teeth.
Boss of all animals, king of the animal kingdom.