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What will we be learning about in Oak Class this half term? - 24th April 2014

People who help us at school


This topic will be split up into looking at different types of people who help us and how.

The children will locate and talk to and about all the people who work in school. They are already familiar with the Foundation Stage staff but there are many more around the school to get to know.


Our topic for this half term is titled  People Who Help us.

People who help us keep safe and healthy We will be looking at all the people who help us out of school and home – the emergency services, local service providers e.g. hairdressers, opticians, postman.


The topic is going to linked to all areas of Learning. During Communication Language and Literacy the children will be interviewing and writing about our visitors they will also be reading topic based books. In Maths the children will be encouraged to use every day language about capacity and distance.


We would welcome any parent visitors who have jobs such as these. Please come and speak to a member of the Foundation Stage team if you would like to speak to the children about your job.