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Top Tips aims to continue to support your child's learning at home through a variety of fun and engaging activities. These activities consist of: 


  • A Top Tip: An area of learning or a skill for you to practise with your child at home. For example developing gross and fine motor skills by pairing socks together.
  • A Sound of the Week: A phonic sound with a description on pronunciation.
  • A Literacy Challenge: A simple fun activity to develop a skill e.g. recognition of tricky words within phonics or story telling. 
  • A Maths Challenge: A simple activity to support and develop a skill e.g. recognising numbers or playing a game the children have previously experienced in class. 
  • Resources and Donations Box: Items that you may have at home which would enhance and support your child's learning in school e.g. bottle top lids. 
  • A Wild Time: Swap an hour of 'screen time' for an hour outside with a fun activity exploring our natural environment. 
  • A Don't Forget: A reminder of any upcoming school events. 
TOP TIPS 2018-2019