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Rubik's Challenge

In September Mrs Hunt challenged all pupils to solve a Rubik's Cube! We all agreed this was a difficult challenge but everyone was ready to give it a go!  Every class was given some cubes and off we went....


The perseverance and determination from the children is totally amazing. There are cubes out at break times, in the classrooms, on the walk to and from school and many children asked Father Christmas for one so they could continue over the holidays and weekends.


There are a number of challenge certificates now being presented...




 Certificate Awards have been given to the following children in the

Autumn Term

Spring Term




Single side


The whole cube 

The whole cube

with a time


Teaching someone

else how to

do this


Annais L

Micky P

1m 11s :  Bobbi G Jack W
Isla M Jack W    
Jessica B Bobbi G    
Jessica J Charlie H    
Bonnie W Josie H    
Tom W Amelia O    
Toby B Rauri H    
Amelia O Nicholas G    
Josie H      
Ruby H      
Charlie H      
Mattie S      
Holly W      
Kirsten L      
Daisy W      
Lucy T      
Adam H      
Jake H      
Toby C    


Charlotte S      
Rauri H      
Mabel R      
Lily B      
Stevie P      
Kirsten L      
Wiktor O      
Noah O      
Evie K      
Seren H      
Ava D