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Welcome To Willow Class


The Willow Class Team: Mrs Marie Wornham, Mrs Helen Ward & 

Mrs Adele Gent

Willow Class 2021

Willow Class 2020

On our way home, time is 14:15.  Hoping for a clear run and seeing you all soon.

Final activities of the day - canoeing (don't worry we showered after getting wet) and archery. We'll text the school when we leave site and update during our journey. When we are roughly 30 minutes away, we'll send another text out to parents.

After a lovely camp fire, singing and story telling last night, it was very quiet this morning! Final temperature check before we leave could only be done when we'd finally managed to wake everyone up!

Giant swinging today - a little scary!

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Those who wanted to are ready for the game. The others will join us after their activities.

A lovely swim with Ted at the pool, some more climbing and buggy building

Raft building (we got a little damp), climbing, rifle shooting and vertical challenge today

Today's weather v last night's

Arrived safely, enjoying first meal

In our Leavers Hoodies - they always arrive on the hottest day!

Bridge building for DT

Experimenting with electricity (safely of course)

Celebrating World Book Day

In Flanders Field Remembrance recital

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We were so proud of our Year 6s as they recited 'In Flanders Field' in front of the whole school as part of our socially distanced Remembrance service. It was made even more poignant when two of our pupils read the names from the local memorial out to everyone.

Ancient Greek project work

Checking out the fabulous project work that our Year 6s have created for their topic of Ancient Greece, we all loved the creativity that everyone demonstrated.  We will add more photos of the work as projects come out of quarantine.  


Ancient Greek Lego Temple

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Amazing Magazine about Ancient Greeks

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It is not easy creating Harvest boxes under Covid-19 conditions.  However, we love a challenge in Year 6 and we've come up with some fabulous ways of making sure we still get to create beautiful boxes, cards and deliver our boxes to the community.  Have a look at the nets we designed and the fabulous artwork on some of the finished boxes.


It was fabulous that some of the Year 7s from Langtree popped back to see us (socially distanced) to tell us all about Secondary School.  

Year 7 come to visit

Investigating flora and fauna so that we can then learn how they are classified. We found lots of interesting things - ask us how about Carl Linnaeus and how we classified the class.

Class 2019-20

Creating our class book
Restless Earth presentations
Courage was in abundance at the Year 5/6 Football Tournament and we were very proud of all our pupils taking part.  Congratulations goes to our B team who won the tournament.
Helping to run a Biscuit Decorating Fundraiser for the Australian Bush Fire Fund.
What a fabulous afternoon learning all about Chromatography.  A huge thank you to Mrs Gupta for volunteering her time to come into school and for making our Science lesson really interesting, we had great fun carrying out our investigation.

Cooking Winter Soup - it was rather tasty.

During 'Healthy Week' we wanted to check which, if any, of our snacks were healthy. Whilst we learnt that some were healthy as part of a balanced diet, we were rather shocked by the amount of sugar in some of them. Come and ask us what we found out.

Learning how to add fractions.
This week our focus has been on creating our school newspaper; working hard on our typing skills.  Our sub-editors are supporting their fellow pupils well.

Our amazing Cross-Country runners.  County Champions 2019!


We used our Fitbits and other Heart rate measuring devices to measure our heart rates to see what happens to it when we exercise.
It was fabulous to spend some time with the local villagers who we had delivered Harvest boxes to earlier in the school year.  We enjoyed making cakes for them and serving them tea and coffee.  They told us some fabulous stories about what school was like back in their day.  One villager even brought a WW1 medal in for us to hold, we had never held one before.  We shall remember those stories forever.
A massive 'Thank you' to Rob, Rachel and Duncan from South Central Ambulance Service for volunteering their time to come and talk to us about being paramedics.  We learnt so much and had lots of fun exploring the ambulance.  

Oxford Schools Challenge 2019

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After a beautiful Harvest service in church we were very excited to deliver the Harvest boxes to the local community. We met some lovely people and have invited them to visit us for a cup of tea and a chat about school days in November.

Creating nets in Maths to cover our Harvest boxes

Science investigation - Do the pupils with the longest legs jump furthest? Come and ask us the answer

Working on our computer skills

Class of 2018-19

Another great Open Afternoon.  The pupils enthusiasm for their Greek projects shone through and loved sharing what they had created with so many of you.  Thank you for all the support at home as well as in school.

It's not every day that Andy Instone from Urban Strides comes to visit your class. We loved learning some new dance moves.

We will remember them!

We learnt lots at the Rail Safety assembly.  Ask us long a new GWR train is.
What a fabulous Open Afternoon!  It was lovely to share what we have learnt about Hinduism with so many of you, thank you for your support.

Learning Outside of the Classroom

Thank you to the Langtree Year 7's who came and explained how Secondary School works to our Year 6s

Making and delivering Harvest boxes

In Science we're learning how to classify living things.  We hunted around the front garden and school to see what we could find.  There were lots of insects and plants and a few spiders too!

A few of our activities so far .....

Enjoying our first breakfast together since SATs

Barbury Castle on the Ridgeway - a little art lesson before heading off to our residential

Andy Goldsworthy themed artwork

Practising our musical theatre

Celebrating World Book Week in the snow!

Learning about how light travels in our Science lessons

The question was: can you bend light?

Looking at states of matter and making rockets for Science week


Raising the Roof on the O2

What a great way to spend a Friday, singing at the O2 with over 7700 other pupils and teachers.  The Young Voices Choir sounded amazing as we ran through our repertoire of songs.  A huge thank you to all the parents who came and supported us in the evening.

Dancing, Acting, Performing, Cooking and a few Fractions.

What a week!  Not only have we been practising our recital of 'The Jabberwocky' for Sharing assembly but we have also begun our Musical Theatre sessions, learning both a dance sequence and how to act, as part of our PE lessons.  Pupils have also been busy in the kitchen creating a stunning soup to warm us up on these cold winter days.  As well as all of the measuring skills they have learnt whilst cooking, we have continued to develop our fraction knowledge (helped by the occasional chocolate bar).

Welcome back and Happy 2018!

We have begun to learn 'The Jabberwocky' by Lewis Carroll.  We had great fun thinking what this nonsense poem might be about and using our knowledge of language to unpick it.  We are now going to put actions to our recital.

Groovy Greeks are Great Success!

After studying Ancient Greece for the Autumn term, Willow class set up and ran our very own museum to show case all of the fabulous work we have created.  Parents and pupils from the other classes came to visit and experience the exhibits.  This included: an archaeological dig, a theatre production of the story of 'The Seasons', fashion advice on how to wear your Chiton this year, how to build the best temple, what's trending in the world of food, how to row a trireme efficiently, which Gods and Goddesses are in vogue with Zeus, the best pottery designs, how to survive mythological creatures and how education can help you avoid crime and punishment.