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Welcome To Willow Class


The Willow Class Team: Mrs Marie Wornham (Deputy Headteacher),

Mrs Ward (HLTA),Mrs Adele Gent & Mrs Suzanne Hood-Cree


Willow 2023-24

Wet Wednesday - we forgot to book the sun today! We still had fun today doing Jacob's Ladder, Zip Wire and we survived Survivor!

Tuesday - sunshine and fun activities including fencing, buggy building, climbing and a range of sports. Some of us needed a nap!

Arrived safely, enjoyed our first meal and evening activities. Off to bed now.

Our Restless Earth presentations were phenomenal - have a look at how we decided to investigate this topic.

World Book Day - we loved celebrating all week, dressing up and sharing all of our books with each other.

Newton's Light Spectrum in action!

Magic or Science? We were amazed at how refraction can 'bend' light. In fact, we were so amazed that we went home and showed some of our investigations to our parents.

After writing our recounts of our O2 visit, we shared them with our Oak Buddies and showed them some of the videos of us singing. They are very excited to go when they are older.

After reading 'The Darkling Thrush' by Ted Huges, we wrote our own poems based on how the Winter season makes us feel.

We loved singing at the O2 with 8,000 other children in the Young Voices Choir.

We loved reading our 'Good Luck' card for our trip to the O2 from our Oak Buddies

Our fabulous Greek Museum was a big hit with the rest of the school and parents.

Our Advent boxes, made from our nets, look spectacular - we are enjoying the chocolate that's inside them.

Latha fèill Anndrais sona dhuibh - We dressed in a traditional Scottish kilt to help celebrate St.Andrew's Day

Becoming tributes like Theseus and exploring the labyrinth helped us imagine being in the myth 'Theseus and the Minotaur' We then used this experience to write our own scripts.

In Science, investigating how our heart rate changes during exercise.

Creating nets for 3D shapes - yes we are getting our Christmas advent calendar ready!

Weather forecasting in French - we have mastered 'il pleut' but are hopeful for 'soleil'

A spot of cooking after going to the shops to buy the ingredients. Winter Vegetable soup - the vote is currently 11- likes, 2 - I'd eat it but it's not my favourite and 2- definitely don't like it!

After reading 'Exposure' by Wilfred Owen, we learnt 'In Flanders Fields' by John McCrae off-by-heart and recited it at the War Memorial for Remembrance. We then read the names on the memorial out after observing a 2 minute silence.

We loved receiving all of the 'Thank You' cards and letters for the Harvest boxes and letters we wrote.

We loved delivering the Harvest Boxes to those in need in our community. It was so lovely to meet everyone.

Off to church for Harvest Festival

Meeting David Baddiel at Henley Literary Festival

Classifying Living Things

Learning to be Playleaders

Willow Class 2022-23

Current ETA 17:53

Leaving now - 14:03 ETA 17:30 will update when we get closer

Wow! Just wow! What an amazing day. We had so much fun learning to canoe, falling out of the canoes, jumping out of the canoes and, oh yeah, we then dried ourselves on the zipwire!

Absolutely brilliant day full of challenges and successes - plus a fabulous visit from Mrs Hunt

A fabulous day spent buggy building, abseiling, doing the leap of faith and orienteering. Off to capture a flag now!

Well we can guarantee that everyone has had a wash!

Pool party for Ted today

Arrived safe and sound and now enjoying the sunshine

Leading the warm-up and cool down in PE and adapting our invasion skills from our learning in rugby lessons to football.

Singing with Young Voices at the O2. There are not enough superlatives to explain how fantastic this experience was!

Inspirational Andy Goldsworthy - we put our knowledge of classifying wildlife together with our learning in art to create art pieces inspired by nature, just like Goldsworthy.

Groovy Greeks! After learning nearly everything there is to know about the Greeks, we felt ready to host our 'Pop-up' Greek museum. We loved inviting the rest of the school and our parents to come and learn about the Greeks too. We cooked traditional foods, taught games and punishments and even put on a play for everyone to enjoy.

Celebrating Diwali. Year 6 worked with Year 1 to decorate their hands ready to celebrate the Hindu festival of Diwali together.

To help us practise our French, we invited parents to join us in our French cafe - all menus, orders and conversations were in French. It was a brilliant afternoon.

In Science, we looked for wildlife to classify.

Celebrating Harvest and delivering Food packages to those in need

Willow Class 2021

Everyone in Year 6 should now have a script for our musical, Pirates of the Curry Bean. Below there is a link that takes you to a YouTube playlist of the songs. All the lyrics are in your scripts so you should be able to start learning and practicing the songs!

We have just left site- 14:07. We will inform you when we are roughly 30 minutes from home. See you soon 😊

We're up (just), we're packed (mostly) and we've got our waterproofs on 🌧😢  Luckily one of our last activity is indoors.  We'll post later to tell you we've left site.  This won't be until at least 2pm

It turns out that some of us are actually very good at building rafts. However, we can guarantee that every child will come home having had some sort of wash this week! 😉 Lake swimming was very popular.

Fantastic morning spent at Kent Caverns and now getting ready to build rafts - we may get wet🤣

After the rain last night, the sun is shining already but it's extremely quiet here. The boys were up and ready but we can't say the same about the girls 😴😴😴😴

Well today we were vertically challenged, had huge fun building and riding buggies as well as conquering fears on the climbing wall. It was fabulous seeing Mrs Hunt but the room inspections were not so good 😬 We'll work on being tidy.

Rather quiet this morning! 😴

Zipwire fun

Still image for this video

A fabulous day spent abseiling, zipwiring and visiting the zoo. Luckily we had packed waterproofs for the shower (or two) at the zoo.

Arrived safely, even had time for a quick paddle in the sea - it was rather cold!

World Book Day - what a fantastic range of characters from so many different books and authors.

Whilst learning about our beautiful planet, we presented projects on an area of the topic that interested us. These ranged from Tsunamis to refugees and also included space debris and avalanches (to mention just a few)..


Still image for this video
After weeks of practising different skills, we put together a performance piece so we could assess what we had learnt.

Shadow puppet stories after learning about light and transparency.

Still image for this video

After writing our own Ancient Greek myths as a script, we performed these and edited them as green screen movies

What a performance - practising our Christmas carols before singing to parents and a final rehearsal of our dance to 'Don't Stop Me Now' by Queen for our dance topic. Once we practised our skills, we filmed it so we could evaluate our work.

Enjoying Christmas lunch (with a little music and dancing)

Using our Mathematical skills to create Christmas decorations

Using nets to make a 3D shape for our advent calendar boxes.

Into the labyrinth! After listening to Theseus and the Minotaur, we experienced what it might have been like to be one of the Athenian tributes. Luckily we all made it out alive.

Sharing our Ancient Greek work with each other