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Woodcote Primary School


What can you do to help your child to develop in Oak Class? - 24th April 2014

  • Share books, you can read the words and your child can talk about the pictures and the characters
  • Draw pictures about places you have been, things you have seen etc
  • Count everyday objects e.g. cars that pass you on the street, how many dogs you see on a walk, children you see in the supermarket
  • Make games together and play them e.g. your own themed dominoes or snakes and ladders type games
  • Set challenges e.g. by the end of the day can you show me 10 different ways of moving from one side of the garden to the other
  • Have a number/letter hunt – hide letters or numbers around the house/garden
  • Get a clipboard and do an audit – estimating and counting – how many lights do you think are in our house? How many are there? (count and check)
  • Write shopping lists/diaries of your day/letters and cards together.


Remember to have fun with them!