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Housekeeping and Reminders

     It has been lovely to see so many of you this week (albeit from behind my face-shield).  Chatting to so many of you, but also being under the pressures of time, has reminded me of a few housekeeping bits that it would be worth sharing with you. 


  • Homework - this is given out on a Friday for return on the following Wednesday.  Most of the children have been doing really well giving this in. 
  • PE - this is on Tuesday and Friday.  We are currently doing dance on a Tuesday and ball skills on a Friday. Fridays sessions are with KickOff. 
  • Water bottles - please ensure that your child has a water bottle in school every day. 
  • Coats / rainwear - with the arrival of the rain today we had lots of children without coats.  Children do have a peg in the cloakroom and are able to hand their coats up. They are not in the way if we don't need them and we'd rather be safe than sorry when that torrential rain catches us out.  It can be a long, wet walk to the blue gate. 
  • Snacks - please remember that we do have free fruit for snack times in Year 2.  There is usually a choice for your child.  If children do bring their own snacks please remember that it should be a piece of fruit for snack time. 


Staff Reminder

     Mrs Pearson, class teacher, works Monday-Thursday.  Mrs Critcher, as HLTA, works as cover teacher on Friday. She and Mrs Pearson work together to plan Friday's content and to ensure continuity in the children's teaching and learning.  In addition the children enjoy their PE session with one of the KickOff coaches on Friday morning. 

     The class is very lucky to be supported by Mrs Critcher every day, and Mrs Benham every morning. Both TAs have a wealth of experience and support the children in class and by delivering specific interventions and booster activities. 



Here are some useful documents and websites that you can use to support your child in learning and applying their Phonics in both reading and writing. 

ARCHIVE 2018-19

Next Library Visit

     Notification of the dates of our next visit will appear here and on our homework information sheet. 


     We will be scheduling fortnightly library visits into our timetable for this year.  Children will be able to borrow a book each against our class ticket and will be given a chance to renew or change it at each visit. Please support your child in taking care of their boos as the library are at liberty to bill us for outstanding or missing books at the end of the school year.


Next Show and Tell 

     Notification of the dates and theme of our next 'Show and Tell' session will appear here and on our homework information sheet. 


     'Show and Tell' will take place every other week (alternating with our library visits).  It is a chance for children to share items, events and achievements from outside school.  In order to challenge the children and to give some focus to our sessions a general theme is set for each event. Please encourage your child to participate - it is a great opportunity to develop speaking, listening and confidence. 

     Themes are never complex and can be relatively easily manipulated to suit most objects or items chosen by a child. For example we have had the theme of 'Change' and children brought in their favourite library book (it gets changed at the library), a baby doll whose nappy sometimes needs changing, some baby clothes that the child had grown out of because they had changed, an autumn leaf that was changing colour, and some coins (the change given by the shopkeeper).