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What Ash class thought of Gangsta Granny - 15th Jan 2016


On Thursday, Ash class ( and Rowan class) went to the New Theatre in Oxford to watch the production of Gangsta Granny. It is adapted from the book by David Walliams.



We all really enjoyed the outing. This is what we said.

I liked it when the matron shouted at Mr Parker when he came into the hospital where Granny was. ~ Toby

I thought it was funny when Ben got onto the scooter with granny and she said “Hold on tight, this scooter goes fast!” ~Mariella and Tom

I liked that it was a live show and not on television ~Jack W

I liked when they drank the cabbage soup and then they farted~ Ben

I really liked it when Gangsta Granny said “Hold on Benny, this thing goes fast!” and then it didn’t go fast at all ~ Mikey H, Kiera and Harrison

I like when Ben didn’t like something the red lights came on and he shouted “Noooooo!” ~ Connor and Emma

I like Raj because he says “Buy 1billion and get 3 free!” ~Samuel

I liked the cat that waved at us at the end. ~ Hannah and Annika

I liked the bit where the Queen was dancing. ~ Tilly

I didn’t like it when the granny dies!~ Izzy and Amelie

I liked where the granny and Ben were pretending to swim. ~ Amelie

I enjoyed it when Ben found out that Granny stole jewels. ~ Emma

My favourite bit was when granny whizzes around the stage on her mobility scooter.~ Mikey P

I liked it all ~ Jack S

My favourite part was where Ben finds out his granny is a gangsta and I didn’t like it when granny dies. ~ Elsie

My favourite bit is that they farted all the time! ~ Lily-Mae

I liked it all. I don’t have a favourite. ~ Vaughan

I liked it when the granny went off farting. ~ Finlay

I liked when Ben was doing his funny dancing at competition.~ Gabriela

I thought the way they changed the scenery was very good, very simple and very easy to follow. And granny was superb! ~ Mrs Peacock.

I enjoyed that there were so few actors playing so many roles. It was very creative. The principal actors were very good and there were many laugh out loud moments. ~ Mrs Van Heerden