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Woodcote Primary School



Daily Reading

We use Monster Phonics to teacher your child to read and spell. You can support this at home by hearing your child read their book everyday. We change their Monster Phonics books once a week, usually Friday but it needs to be in school everyday to support with timetable changes. We ask the children to read the book multiple times to support their fluency, by the final read they should have been more words into their sight vocabulary and be able to answer to comprehension questions in the book.


Sharing Books

We are also sending home a book to share from our class library. The children chooses these themselves to develop reading for pleasure. These are changed on a Friday and we will only be able to swap them if the previous one is returned. These books are mainly for you to read to your child but as the year progresses they may feel like they can begin to help with this.


Weekly Tasks

Most weeks on the main class page we will be adding a couple of tasks you may wish to do to consolidate our weekly learning. This will include some of the focus words we have had that week so you can work on these at home. They will not be tested however they are words your child will be expected to know by the end of the year. Here are some ideas to support them learning them: . Other tasks may be Maths, English or Topic based depending on what we have covered.