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Update 27th April 2020

     What a fabulous start you all made to our Dragons! topic last week.  We have included your fabulous pictures in our weekly photo album alongside your photos.

     This week we are continuing to develop our Maths and Phonics skills.  In English we are focussing on Story Openings and are looking forward to submitting some to  If you haven't checked this out click on the link below. Perhaps you could get your brothers, sisters, cousins or friends writing too.

     Hopefully you have had a chance to watch and hear Mrs Pearson's story time video.  She and Mrs Hammond are looking forward to posting more chapters this week. 

    Here is our latest newsletter with a summary of all the activities and projects for this week. 

Update 20th April 2020

     Welcome back to the Summer Term as we continue to work via home learning. Our Home Learning newsletter is now available below and on our Teams page. As it is St George's Day 23rd April, we are starting our topic on Dragons! this week with a creative project.  We are sure you are going to have lots of fun.  

     Thank you for all the photos of your fun activities and challenges over the Easter break. We were so lucky with the weather it was great to see lots of you getting outside. Watch out for our Easter break photo album - it's crammed full of running, climbing, planting, Lego building and lots, lots more.   

Update 30th March 2020

     Welcome to the second week of home learning. Our Home Learning newsletter is now available below and on our Teams page. We have lots of fun and exciting projects for you this week. We have combined our English and Science projects and need you to 'get growing'.  

     Thank you for all the fabulous work and photos last week.  We are really impressed with how enthusiastic, energetic and motivated you have been. Keep up the good work.  

Update 24th March 2020

     We hope that this finds you well and having enjoyed the first days of learning at home.  Please be assured we are still here to support and work with you to give your children the best opportunities that we can. We are also on a steep learning curve as we work to master new formats and channels of communication for learning in these strange circumstances. Most importantly we want to ensure that we remain as the happy, learning community that we are!  Please keep an eye on this page and the Microsoft Office 365 'Teams' pages and posts. 

     Here is our first Home Learning Newsletter.  This contains activities, ideas and assignments for the coming week. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Photo Challenge

   Last week Mrs Pearson chatted with the children about learning from home and the different projects that the children would like to do.  During discussions the children were excited about the Photo Challenge. We decided that the teachers would set a challenge each week and children would submit photos to fulfil the theme.  These challenges might be as simple as asking for a picture of your child doing some Maths work, helping in the kitchen, enjoying an outdoor activity or possibly more challenging like 'extreme reading' photos of your child reading somewhere unusual at home (maybe under the stairs or sitting in an empty bath). 

   We will include the photo challenge information on our weekly newsletter. 

   We hope to share a few of these as 'Photos of the Week', although we realise that we must formulate our process for this and ensure that we choose the right platform and have correct permissions! I do hope that we can look forward to doing this and having some fun as the children were very excited about the idea! 

Additional Resources

     Over the coming weeks if children are away from school,  as well as checking out our weekly notes and challenges, please pick from these revision activity mats.  They cover a variety of the children's skills in Reading, Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar, and Maths.  They are relatively quick activities similar to those we often do as our morning warm-up challenges. Please be aware that the answer sheets are attached with each activity mat (children will revel in being given the wrong one - beware!)


     If you have any questions or feel that these challenges or any of the work linked here highlights a challenge that your child requires some help with please do let us know via the school email and we will try to support their continued learning despite being from a distance. 

Update - 17th March 2020


Please find ideas and resources to support learning this week. 



     There are a selection of challenge cards with practical activities, arithmetic questions and word problems. Also attached are some speed tests (although no timing is needed) - children should try to work through some of these during the week. Please check them for your child and then give them time to work on corrections.  If they score low in a test, use a clean copy to try it again after practising the relevant times tables. 


LINKS for times tables practice 

2x tables  -

5x tables

10x tables

TOPMARKS Hit the Button – choose your practice



     Please watch the short video film via the link with your child.


     Then using the guidelines for 'Talk for Writing' support your child in talking about and thinking about the story.  Using the planning sheet children can make a story plan and add key words to it.  They should then write up their story taking care with punctuation, making sure to add some super description and adjectives. Printing out the writing checklist attached will help children to focus and check their work. Children need to remember to read their story through once they have finished and 'purple pen' it. (We use purple pens to edit and correct our work after completion so that we can see our own improvements.)


     We have also attached some spellings to focus on for this week. Children can use the form to practise writing and using the spellings.  Once they feel confident please test them. 




     Please continue to read for at least 10 minutes per day with your child.  Attached are some follow-up activities for your child to do after reading.  Please choose some of these challenges during the week.