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Summer Holiday Projects

We know that you spend most of your Summer holidays desperately craving to come back to school. While sitting and lounging in the pool, you're really daydreaming about times tables tests. While enjoying a hot dog from the BBQ, you're actually just pining for a complex SPaG lesson. When having to eat an ice cream on a hot lazy day, all you really want is to come back to school and do a Big Write.


We know.


It's OK.


We're here to help.


Above, you will find links to a selection of different projects we have made / found for you to complete over the Summer break (for those times when you get bored or you've annoyed your parents for the seventeenth time that day). Check out some, check out none, check out all of them, it's totally up to you. We only ask one thing. If you do any, please bring them in to show your new teacher in September, we'd love to see what you've been doing. Thank you and enjoy!