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Chilly and Cheery Down on the Farm - 25th Nov 2015

Beech Class have been out and about again.  This time we visited FAI Farm at Wytham.  We were looking at the seasons and the weather and the impact that this has on the farm and the animals.  It certainly made an impact on us as we got chilly toes from the frozen puddles and cold noses from the chilly breeze. However, all sensibly kitted out in warm clothes and wellies we were able to enjoy the bright, cold November air.
We took a good look around the farm noting that the animals have been brought in from the fields for the winter months.  The sheep didn’t seem to realise that we were there to look at them and seemed just as interested in viewing us!

We admired the bull who was enormous, weighing in at about 1000kg.  He was gentle enough to allow us to touch his head but soon told us when he had had enough with a quick shake and then he pulled his head back in safely away from our interference.


The piglets were cuddled up together in the straw to keep warm but all came out to play and to enjoy the apples that we fed to them.
In the farm vegetable garden we took note of how the frost helps to break up the soil, creating crumbly soft soil for the plants to grow in.  We noticed that the vegetable patch had been raided by a night time visitor – seeing evidence of how a badger had been digging for worms.  We also picked some great parsnips in readiness to make a warming winter soup.
One of the highlights of our visit was early in the day when we had the chance to do some extra special bird-watching. We went down to one of the fields that borders the river.  The field was full of Canada geese who are now busy fattening themselves up for the winter on a diet of juicy, chillly grass. In amongst the Canada geese were two beautiful, snowy white birds rarely seen in this country – two amazing snow geese.

These stunning birds had been blown off course by Storm Barney and are making the best of their unusual winter home here in Oxfordshire.

We made the most of our visit too and are looking forward to visiting again in the Spring and Summer to observe the changes at the farm.  We certainly looked closely on Monday!