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Woodcote Primary School


Curriculum News Letter - 6th Sept 2012

What will we be learning about in Oak Class this half term?


Our topic for this half term is titled 'All about me'.

We will be exploring the changes that have occurred since birth, we will discover what new skills we can do and what we are good at. We will talk about things that we like, dislike, love and hate and find out what and who is important to us.


We want children to feel comfortable to join in with activities, to form friendships and to be able to express their needs. 


In Communication Language and Literacy we will be exploring environmental sounds. We will be hearing and making different sounds. We will sing lots of nursery rhymes and will do lots of talking and listening. Children will explore many types of books and will be encouraged to begin mark making and develop early writing.


In Maths we will be counting up to 6 objects, learning about more and less and  experimenting with different shaped objects and materials. 


What can you do to help your child to develop in Oak Class?

Make sure they attend school every day.

Ask your child about what he / she did at School?

Talk to them about the thing they like and ask why?

Encourage your child to share and take turns at home.

Play games which encourage your child to listen – eye spy with sounds.

Share books with your child and talk about the pictures and the story.

Count as much as you can – how many stairs? How many red cars on the way to school? How many spoons on the table? etc


 Remember to have fun with them.