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Being part of a Team - 15th Oct 2011

Expectations of positive behaviour are established in each classroom. The teacher should consistently monitor and remind the children about acceptable behaviour.


Younger children may need visual reminders in the classroom.

It is vital that parents are fully aware of the system of rewards and sanctions so that home and school can work together in an informed way so that children experience a consistent approach.



The majority of children are well behaved and hard working and this should be acknowledged.


Whole school system:

– Certificates for hard work or good behaviour.

– Team points awarded for exemplary behaviour, attitudes and work.

-Celebration assembly held on Fridays and certificates awarded.

-Teachers will also have their own reward systems for their class pupils, for example, Star of the week certificate.

-Individual celebration of good behaviour or excellent work may be acknowledged by sending children to the Headteacher for praise.

-A postcard will go home to parents at the end of each term praising children who have behaved and worked consistently well over that period.

-The school rewards pupils who have 100% attendance at the end of the year.

-The school rewards particular pupils for excellent progress with Literacy at the end of the year with the Literacy cup and shield.

-We will look to introduce other awards for excellence with other subject areas.


Team Point Review

  • We will continue with individual rewards for pupils as a result of gaining team points.
  • We will refocus on the principle of the ‘Team’ and develop a greater sense of community spirit.
  • We are introducing regular team events (2 per term) as well as looking for opportunities to bring the teams together during subject weeks.
  • On a weekly basis, starting Friday 23rd, we will award a trophy to the team that has the most team points that week. Team captains will receive the trophy, and the trophy will be displayed in each classroom the following week.
  • Pupils will receive a badge to be sewn onto their sweatshirt or cardigan, once they have gained the following number of team points:


50 points – Merit certificate and prize.

100 points –  Bronze certificate and Bronze badge.

200 points – Silver certificate and Silver badge.

300 points – Gold certificate and Gold badge.


These will be awarded during the Friday celebration assembly and will run throughout the year. Children who have achieved Gold can continue to wear these the following year.


Team points will be award for:

  • Consistent good behaviour during the day. The point will be awarded at the end of the day. The teacher’s discretion should be used for those children who are absent through illness
  • Very good effort with work that results in a good outcome, a sense of achievement or some aspect of improvement. This means any child, regardless of ability, will have the opportunity to earn points in this way. Staff will use their discretion and professional judgement in awarding team points.
  • Exceptional behaviour or that which is above expectation. This may involve the pupil demonstrating responsibility, use of initiative, helpfulness and acts of kindness.


Teachers will continue to implement any other class reward system, particularly those which reinforce the ‘Golden rules’.


Pupils will continue to receive Seal of Approval certificates and Excellent Presentation certificates on a weekly basis.


Pupils will be reminded that although they receive individual points and rewards, they are also receiving points for their team.