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Seeds of Mindfulness

Seeds of Mindfulness Project 

A summer project with lifelong worth! 


Mindfulness is a technique that can be taught to children of all ages.  It shows them how to listen to the most subtle signals from their bodies and be truly present in the moment.  If the seeds of mindfulness are planted when children are young it helps them know how to cope skilfully with the stresses of life; those that they are experiencing now and those that they will inevitably experience the future.  It is a skill that they can draw upon throughout the rest of their lives, helping them find strength and peace when they need it most.  

Yoga, like mindfulness has many physical and mental benefits as it guides children towards understanding themselves and being present in the moment; accepting what is happening to them, and within them, at a moment in time. 

The following websites have a wealth of information about mindfulness and yoga for children.  It is for you and your child to dip into and explore.