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Fowps offer refreshments in the Chalet - 9th Dec 2014

Dear Parents of Key Stage 1,


FOWPS (our parents association) have kindly agreed to offer refreshments in the Chalet this evening after 5pm, once parents have dropped off their children to Hornbeam class. They will also be selling the school printed T-towel and cloth shopping bags. The prices are £4.00 each or 3 for £10.00.


The doors will open tonight at 5.50pm and admission is by ticket only. There will be no standing room or extra seating available due to Fire Safety regulations.


There will be a collection at the end of the performance. This year the money raised will be split between See Saw, a charity that helps children to cope with loss of a family member or sibling, and school IT equipment to help us make greater links with communities around the world.


Thank you.

We hope you enjoy the performances.