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Woodcote Primary School


2nd Term Letter - 4th Nov 2011

Welcome back to Woodcote Primary. I hope you all had a lovely break.


The theme for this term is “The World at Night”. The children’s learning will centre around this theme for example they will be learning about the significance of events such as Diwali and Bonfire Night, creating Bonfire night pictures and learning about Nocturnal animals.

If you have any books, toys or games relating to this topic I would be very grateful if you would allow your child to bring items in to show to the rest of the class.


Thank you for your contributions to your child’s learning journey (yellow post-it) they have really helped me to build a full picture of your child. Please continue to write little anecdotal regarding significant events that have occurred at home.


Please feel free at any point to arrange an appointment to see me (Mrs Farrant) if you have any concerns regarding your child’s progress.