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Welcome To Hornbeam Class

Your Hornbeam teaching team is Miss Kirsty Somerville (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday) and Mrs Kate Welsh (Thursday and Friday).  They will be supported by Mrs Sam Peates.

Working from home... again!

Hornbeam have been learning at home this week.  Fortunately, it has only been for a short time and we have seen each other everyday for phonics and story time.  The children have tried very hard with their work, writing their own versions of 'Owl Babies' by Martin Waddell.  We have had 'Shrew Babies', 'Dragon Babies' and even 'Ghost Babies'!

Here are some excerpts from some of our stories...

Colour Chaos

This week we have been learning about mixing colours.  We have mixed primary colours to make secondary colours and we have begun to use black to create new shades by adding black.  We also learnt about Jackson Pollock and have tried out his style of 'drip painting'.  

A selection of our 'drip paintings', inspired by Jackson Pollock

Friday 25th September

We have enjoyed learning about our bodies this week.  We have also been continuing to consolidate our understanding of numbers up to 10, practising one-to-one correspondence and beginning to use the 'greater than', 'less than' and 'equals' symbols.


Please remember to send children in with a coat everyday; we are keeping our windows and doors open as much as possible to keep the room well ventilated and we want everyone to stay warm.  

Friday 18th September

We've had another great week in Hornbeam Class.  It has been lovely spending lots of time outside in our garden, making the most of the lovely weather.  This week, we've continued with consolidating our understanding of numbers up to 10.  We've been counting forwards and backwards, counting one more and one less and using lots of resources, such as numicon and number tracks, to help us develop a deep and secure knowledge and understanding of numbers.  We have started looking at the book 'On Sudden Hill' by Linda Sarah and, inspired by this and 'This is Not a Box' by Antoinette Portis, we have enjoyed some imaginative play with boxes.  We looked at photos of us playing with our boxes and worked together to write some captions to go with them, and will be continuing with this next week.

Friday 11th September

What a fantastic start to the term!  The children have all settled in really well and have enjoyed exploring their new classroom and garden.  Some of the areas that have been particularly popular are the mud kitchen, the sandpit and the Creation Station (you may have noticed the rather large cardboard boxes coming out the door at home time!) In maths, we have been working on securing our understanding of numbers up to 10 including counting and looking at different ways to represent numbers.  We have also been sorting objects; this is something children could practise at home, perhaps by helping to sort clothes or toys.  Please check your child's book bag as they should all have brought home a reading book today.  Have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing everyone back in school on Monday.


Please note: our PE days are now Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Representing Numbers

Our Tear Art Self Portraits



Hornbeam 2019-2020

Working from home

Please see our 'Working from Home' page for some home learning to keep you occupied over the coming weeks.  We will be updating it regularly.  


Here's a selection of our letters to the crayons... we hope they come back!

Some of our fantastic outfits from World Book Day

World Book Day


For World Book Day 2020, each class has been challenged to make their own book.  Ours has been inspired by 'The Day the Crayons Quit' by Drew Daywalt.  Read on to find out more...


Sometime during Monday lunchtime, our crayons disappeared!  All that was left were some empty crayon pots... and a copy of 'The Day the Crayons Quit'.  We were challenged to write our own letters to the crayons, asking them to come home.  Come back soon to see some examples of our work as well as some pictures of our wonderful World Book Day costumes.




What are we learning in class at the moment?


This term, our English is based around the book 'Owl Babies'.  We are making story maps and learning to retell the story.  Can you tell it to someone at home?


In maths we are learning about measuring.  Does your child help you in the kitchen?  Involving children with cooking is not only fun for you and your child, but helps them learn important techniques they’ll need later in their life for cooking and baking, as well as supporting their measuring skills.

Our Autumn Trip to the Earth Trust



Bench Ball for Sport Relief

World Book Day in Year 1

The children all looked fabulous dressed up as their favourite book characters. Some of whom you can see here...


Year 1 have been learning 'Multi-skills' in P.E this term.  This has included learning about balance, balls skills and team games.  Most recently the children have been learning to play golf! 


Science Week in Year 1 


Hornbeam children were learning about the five Senses during Science week.  We had a special guest speaker on Tuesday who told the children what it was like to live being blind from birth. Then on Friday parents were able to join us during our multi-sensory open afternoon. Great fun was had by all! 


   The only trouble with KS1's production of Angel Trouble was that they were all far too cute! Everyone enjoyed their fabulous singing, some stand-out acting performances and each and every child sparkled as bright as our Star of Bethlehem. Both performances were really great and were enjoyed by wonderful full audiences. Well done children! 

     The experience of participating in the show has been a real confidence boost for all the children, allowed them an opportunity to showcase their wonderful talents, to work together as a team, to develop their speaking and listening skills and to have great fun along the way. Drama is so supportive to many areas of our curriculum in school including reading, writing and comprehension.

     A huge thank you also to our audiences for their generosity in our collections which raised a fabulous £170. This money will go towards future performance expenses including scripts, stage, sets and backdrops, costumes and performance licences. 

Nativity Play

     As you will be aware the children have started rehearsals and preparation for the forthcoming Christmas play. They are very excited but for many this is accompanied with the nerves and responsibility of learning words and remembering cues and actions. We very much appreciate your support in helping your child to learn their words so that they can enjoy the experience and the pride of participating in what is bound to be a wonderful performance. 

     In addition we are beginning to collect costumes and props together.  Although we have many costumes in school, please take note of the additional items required to complete your child's costume and ensure that these are sent into school by Monday 27th November. If you have any queries regarding casting, costumes or the play please do speak to the class teacher at the end of the day. 

     We are looking forward to seeing you at our performances on 5th and 6th December.  Letters for ticket requests will be sent home in the week beginning 20th November. 

Oxford Museum of Natural History

Hornbeam had a wonderful visit to the Museum of Natural History this week.  The children really enjoyed handling some incredible fossils, including dinosaur eggs and dinosaur bones.  Have a look at our 'Trips' link for more photos and information about our day.

A Visit to the Library

On Wednesday, Hornbeam Class visited the library.  The children thoroughly enjoyed browsing through the books and should have brought home a book to read.  

Harcourt Arboretum

Hornbeam Class have had a fantastic trip to Harcourt Arboretum today, admiring all the autumn colours and learning about the differences between deciduous and evergreen trees.  We saw some very interesting trees, including a monkey puzzle and a giant redwood (the tallest tree in the arboretum)!  We also created some sculptures out of natural materials.


When you are out and about, have a look at the trees around you; can you tell if they are deciduous or evergreen?