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Y3 – Ash

Welcome To Ash Class

Your Ash class team is Mrs Sarah Peacock and Mrs Sue Thorne

Academic Year 2019 - 2020

Summer Term 2020

Well, we are all back to school, but not as we would normally be.  Following a warm and sunny holiday, the first week back was the same.  What a shame we can't get out and enjoy the countryside as much as we would like.  But staying close to home and away from other people really is the sensible thing to do. 

But there is so much you can do in your garden.  Look more closely at the plants you have.  What colours are they?  What shapes can you see in the leaves?  What wildlife is there?  Don't forget all those minibieasts that lurk under stones.  Try painting from a different point of view, or taking photos close up. 


We have been finding out about William Shakespeare and St George in virtual school. Both icons of England.  Look out for the flags around Woodcote.  How many can you spot?

April 2020

Well, what an odd end to the Spring Term!.  Just a handful of children to wish Happy Easter to and see you after the holidays.  Our IT skills and knowledge have been stretched with the use of TEAMs but we continue to rise to the challenge.  Learning continues with the support of parents, on-line resources and a genuine desire to find out new things.  Over the holiday we will rest, recuperate and be ready to start afresh in two weeks time.  For ideas on how to fill the time safely, see the home learning side of our pages.

Enjoy the break, stay safe and happy.


Events so far...


In February we enjoyed a visit to both the Oxford History of Science Museum, and the Oxford Natural History Museum.


At the History Science Museum, we learned about the travels of Christopher Columbus, and the new resources that he brought back from the New World.  Turkey, butternut squash and cocoa all found favour with us, but the idea of slaves did not go down very well.


As part of our learning we looked at different objects that sailors of that time would have used on their boats to travel and survive.


















This instrument was used to measure the height of the sun!


At the Natural History Museum, we investigated the world of insects, choosing our favourite coloured butterfly from the many in the display cabinet, and looking at how camouflage supports survival in different habitats.


Visit to the War Memorial to lay our poppy wreath and remember those who lost their lives in the wars before our life time.




Pudsey visited the classroom for Children in Need day, where many of us wore yellow and "crazt hair". 


Christingle 1
For Christingle, we visited the church and found out about the history of this beautiful ceremony.  We lit our candles and the lights were dimmed.

This week we have been working our science topic of Heatlhy Mind, Healthy Body.  We have found out about why a good balanced diet is essential for both our bodies and our minds, why sleep is essential, and why looking after our teeth is so important.


We have been lucky enough to have a dentist visit the class, and bring some gruesome pictures of badly looked after teeth.  We were all shocked at what we saw, so hopefully, more tooth brushing will take place in the coming weeks.  We have set up an experiment involving eggs, squash, water, milk, coke and fruit juice.  We are looking forward to seeing the results!


We have talked about screen time, and a good bedtime routine, and talked about some of the side effects of poor sleep.

We made leek and potato soup during the week.  Everyone tried it, but not all of us liked it.



March 2018



Welcome to the Spring Term, 2018.


Aladdin waiting - Practise for the play

Aladdin waiting - Practise for the play 1 Practise for the play

Science Week

Science Week 1 Measuring the temperature on the playground
Science Week 2 Understanding how the sun makes shadows
Science Week 3 There is more sun in the back of the school
Science Week 4 Using a thermometer
Science Week 5 It's colder in the front
Science Week 6 Do flower stems draw water up?
Science Week 7 It appears they do!
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Contact Us
  • Woodcote Primary School,
  • Reading Road, Woodcote,
  • Reading, RG8 0QY