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We’re going to be posting the latest things we’re working on with our ukuleles on here. Please check out the posts below for chords, patterns, videos and other things that might come in useful for practicing with your ukuleles at home.


Please do look after them by keeping them away from particularly hot or particularly cold areas (they will fall out of tune) and do be aware that small children, dogs, cats or wild dinosaurs are liable to stomp, stamp, chew or spit on them.


We tuned them in school so there should be no need to tune them whilst at home, however if you find you do need to you can either bring it into school with you (I’ll happily give it a quick tune) or, if someone in your family is confident with tuning stringed instruments) use the website Ukebuddy and tune each string to correct note (Green is G, Red is C, Yellow is E and Blue is A).

————————————— Check out the posts below —————————————

01.04.22 New Songs


This week we’ve continued to practice the C F Am G pattern to play Budapest by George Ezra, but we’ve also discovered there are hundreds of songs that we can play with just these four chords. If you fancy trying something new look at the websites below or go on a hunt online:


Vance Joy - Riptide

Jason Mram - I’m Yours


25.03.22 Tempo


This week we've been practicing the C F Am G pattern and trying to increase the speed. We used the metronome at Musicca to help us know how fast to go. Try starting at 80 BPM and playing one chord everytime it shows '1.' Build your way up to 100 BPM and trying to play on every number!


Good luck!

11.03.22 Ukuleles go Home!


Today we sent the ukuleles home for the first time! Check out the tips at the top of the page on where to keep the ukuleles in your house and how to tune them (if you really, really need to).


Today in school we were looking at the song Shotgun by George Ezra. It uses C, F, Am and G chords (as shown below). When you’re practicing this week please make sure you are focussing on the G chord as it is one of the most tricky, but once we’ve mastered it, we open up a giant list of songs we can play and learn.

In order to play Shotgun, you just need to play C, F, Am then G on repeat. Try playing four of each chord in a row before moving onto the next one. You will find the words and chords at the following link.