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What will we be learning about in Oak Class this half term? - 15th April 2013

During our topic of Mini-beasts the children will explore and investigate their local environment and begin to be aware of the similarities and differences between mini-beasts.


Through imitating the actions of mini-beasts and enacting life-cycles the children will have the opportunity to develop confidence and imagination in movement.

The children will experience working with a variety of materials as they weave, make models and explore a range of creative making tasks.

The children will discuss, write and draw about mini-beasts.

They will sort, count and make a graph about mini-beasts. They will begin to explore aspects of measure and develop early understandings of addition and subtraction.

The children will learn to take care of their environment and living creatures. The children will discuss rules for taking care of mini-beasts and these will be displayed in the classroom.

If you have any books or artifacts relating to our topic please share them with us.