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06.12.19 Homework

Due 14.12.19

Follow along with Benjamin Zephaniah as he reads his poem, Dis Poetry.

29.11.19 Maths Homework

Due 05.12.19


For your homework this week I’d like you to practice your times tables. You can use the games at these websites or I’ve given some suggestions above for activities you can do with your parents. When you’ve practiced, there are some times tables grids on the next page. Have a go at completing them across the week and see if you can improve each time!


Good luck! (tablet friendly) (some tablet friendly) (doesn’t work on tablets) (2 players on 1 tablet)

25.10.19 Half Term Holiday Homework

Due 04.11.19


Apart from your daily reading, here are some fun activities you can be getting on with over the break. Each game will let you practice some of the skills we've been learning this term. Enjoy!





Addition and Subtraction

Maths Invaders (you can even choose an activity that requires adding and subtracting decimals)

Sum Tracks (this one takes some thinking)



Negative Numbers

Ordering Negative Numbers


Rounding Numbers

Rocket Rounding

Parking Maths



Topmarks Spelling Games (choose an activity to practice your spelling words)




GeoGuessr (you can play once per day for free)

Homework Summer 2 Week 1

Set: 07.06.19    Due: ASAP


Learn. Your. Lines.


(If you're playing Marigold the Cow practice saying 'moo' in a variety of ways. The ability to express emotions such as anger, happiness, malaise and a general feeling of contentment and wellbeing through the medium of 'moo' would be superb).

HOMEWORK Summer Term WW2

Set: 24.05.19    Due: 17.06.19


This term we have been learning about World War II. Over the next few weeks, for your homework, I’d like you to choose an aspect of the war that really interests you. Do you find the RAF and the fighter planes fascinating? Are you really intrigued by the bouncing bombs? Does the miracle at Dunkirk capture your attention? Do the gas masks make your curious? How did the bomb shelters work? Is there anything else that you find interesting?


I’d like you to choose something and put together something you could share with the class. You may want to research a battle and construct it out of Lego. Maybe you want to make your own gas mask. Perhaps you can build a model of a Spitfire using wire, wood, paper and glue? You could even construct an Anderson shelter using a shoebox and fill it with all the things you may find there.


Make sure that alongside your construction you have collected information you could share with the class. This should be linked to what you have researched and built. Try to answer these questions:

  • What have you built?
  • Why was it important during World War II?
  • Why were you interested in this part of the war?
  • How did you build it?


We will be presenting our creations to the class so make sure you are ready to share by Monday 17th June.


Good luck!


Homework - Friday 2nd November DUE Wednesday 7th November


Homework is described below or you can download and print out this file which gives you squared paper on which to solve the questions: 

For your task this week I would like you to solve the following multiplication questions. Remember choose a level that will challenge you and solve the questions on the squared paper provided. You may want to challenge yourself and try to solve all the levels. Enjoy!



1) 5 x 23 =

2) 5 x 24 =

3) 4 x 24 =

4) 4 x 34 =

5) 4 x 134 =

6) 2 x 134 =



1) 4 x 234 =

2) 6 x 234 =

3) 6 x 274 =

4) Liam bought 8 notebooks and 3 packs of pens. Each pack of pens has 12 pens in it while each notebook has 212 pages. How many pages are in all the notebooks altogether?

5) Sophie gets £4.25 to buy her lunch every day. Every day it falls out of a hole in her pocket on her way to school. How much money does she lose in a week?




a) Toby likes to buy the newspaper every day. On a week day it costs £1.27 but at the weekend it costs £2.14. How much does he spend on newspapers if he buys it every day for a week?

b) He wants to know how much it costs for the whole year. Can you work it out? How much would it be?



a) A new iPad Pro costs £799. I want to buy 13 of them so we can have one-between-two in our classroom. How much would it cost?

b) The cheaper iPad costs £399 each. Can I buy enough to have one each for a class of 26 children and save some money?



a) A bottle of coke has 540ml of coke in it. How much coke is in 37 bottles?

b) What would that be in litres?

TALK HOMEWORK - Due Monday 12th November


Remember this picture? On Monday we are going to do a piece of writing about. Over the weekend have a discussion with an adult at home about who you think lives there, why they live there and come up with some ideas for a story based around this flying house.



Mr Langley

Spellings - Thursday 8th November


Remember, you can practice them in your Spelling / Homework books or as many times as you need to on scrap paper at home. Try spotting a spelling pattern amongst some of the words, it will help you in the test: