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     Homework is sent home on a Wednesday/Thursday for return on the following Wednesday.  This complements the children's timetable, allowing class time for discussion and homework follow-up.  

     Homework often includes Spellings and/or multiplication tables, and these are tested on the following Friday.  Maths skills practice exercises are often included and should be completed over the week - allowing children to train their brain with frequent short Maths exercises.  Other activities may include 'Talk for Writing' activities which includes story-telling, Maths activities or games, writing activities and topic research activities. 

      A feedback sheet / cover sheet is included each week.  Your comments and feedback are useful, informing us about how the homework is going and of triumphs or any problems that we can support. 

     Children should complete work in pencil or a black fine writing pen (eg biro). Please ensure that a sensible amount of time is spent on homework and that it does not become overly burdensome to you or your child, approximately 20 minutes should be sufficient.  If the task is not completed in this time do not feel obliged to struggle on (although we appreciate that some children who are enjoying the task may wish to continue to completion). 

     In addition to homework tasks set weekly, we ask that you spend approximately 10 minutes every night on reading with your child.  Clearly hearing your child read is very important but talking about stories and their reading book can also be important to develop their understanding and enjoyment of reading.  Chatting about stories can often be done on the way to school, in the car, or walking, perhaps even at bath time or while you are cooking the tea. You will find a bookmark with suggested questions attached below. 


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