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Thursday 23rd April


Wotcha! Welcome to Thursday. Today is supposed to reach an outrageous 23°C so I thoroughly expect you to be outside, in your gardens, enjoying some good old fashioned play (or you'll be inside, in front a computer, completing the Computing assignment I've set for you today).


Either way, make sure you're drinking lots of water and looking after yourselves (and your parents, I imagine you guys started to get annoying about 3 weeks ago, be good). Enjoy!




Ok y'all.


Today I'd like you to watch / listen to chapters 7, 8 and 9 (PART 1).


After listening to them, the story will be changed forever!


In the Word Document below can you think about what has happened so far and make a detailed prediction for what is going to happen next. Remember, a prediction involves reflecting on what has happened so far, coming up with an idea of what might happen next (that makes sense for the story, NO DINOSAUR ATTACKS!) and referencing events from the story so far to explain why you think you might be right.


I've also created a new channel on the left called 'ENGLISH Predictions' where we can post prediction ideas with each other to help us out. If you're just arriving here that would be a great place to start to get some ideas (NO SPACE DINOSAUR COPS!).


Finally, remember, predictions MUST always include a conjunction that is used to make sure you explain yourself. BECAUSE BECAUSE BECAUSE! Although, you can always add extra information to a prediction by using the word 'although.' For example:


I predict that we will eventually find out that they left ElysiumUniversity because the professor got in trouble. I think this because they had to leave in a hurry with no good explanation and the professor was just starting to talk more with his children. Although, it's possible they are leaving for a different reason like he got a warning letter from Dean D Dean so he left or maybe he just couldn't remember the way to his office because it had been such a long time since he had been there. After that I think ...

VIDEO The Templeton Twins Chapter 7.m4v

Still image for this video

VIDEO The Templeton Twins Chapter 8.m4v

Still image for this video

VIDEO The Templeton Twins Chapter 9 PART 1.m4v

Still image for this video



Ok, following on from yesterdays tasks where we were adding decimals and fractions, today, we are going to be adding and subtracting decimals and fractions.


It uses the same methods we have always used (make sure place value and the decimal point are lined up and all will be well!).


When you are done there is an OPTIONAL bonus task called 'BONUS Decimal Problems' where you need to work out what number you think the question is describing. I'll attach a video to explain if we wind up needing one.


Good luck all!



Yesterday some of you may have noticed Anais was sharing links to a new game she made called Yarn Chase 3.


It's awesome! So I thought today we could have a go at making a game using it. I've tried it on a computer, an iPad and a phone and it works on all three (though it's a little trickier on a phone). Here is my version of Anais' Yarn Chase game, I call it Squashie Chase 3000!


There are tutorials to follow that will help you make your own creations and we can share them here on Teams.


Here is what you need to do today:

  1. Go to the website (there is no login required).
  2. Look under the Tutorial section and open the 'Chase the Pizza' game which will make a game much like Anais' above (although with fewer cats).
  3. Once you're done the tutorial will direct you to share your game and then give you a link (if you miss the link you can click on the 'Share' button in the top right to try again.
  4. Copy the link (by pressing the copy button!) and then email it over.


Once you've made your 'Chase the Pizza' game feel free to try out making any other games on there!

Wednesday 22nd April


Sorry for the delay in the work getting on to the website. Essentially, I forgot to do it. Anyway, Enjoy!




The story continues! Below you will find the videos for chapters 4, 5 and 6. While watching them, I'd like you to take notes about John and Abigail (what do they look like? How do they act? What do we know about them? How do they display emotions? What other facts can you tell?).


Give them a watch / listen and then I want you to complete a Role on the Wall task for John and Abigail.


Essentially, I want you to write everything you can think of that describes John and Abigail. Make sure you only say things that you know from the text (either with the exact words copied down or by stating it clearly in your own words). Fill each of the boxes next to each character.


When you are done, if you have time, challenge yourself to write a character description for either John or Abigail.

VIDEO The Templeton Twins Chapter 4.m4v

Still image for this video

VIDEO The Templeton Twins Chapter 5.m4v

Still image for this video

VIDEO The Templeton Twins Chapter 6.m4v

Still image for this video



Today boys and girls we are going to be looking at adding fractions and decimals. Take a look at the video then have a go at the worksheet.

VIDEO Adding with Fractions and Decimals.mp4

Still image for this video



Today we are going to be learning about how we keep cool (or warm) using thermal insulators and conductors.


Watch the videos at the links below and read through the PowerPoint slides.


When you are done, reading and watching then then go complete this quiz (you will need to login with your Teams login).


When you are done with the quiz then come back here and complete at least one of the following activities in a Word Document:

  • Go around your house looking for different thermal conductors (let heat pass through easily) and thermal insulators (attempts to stop heat from passing through). Under two subheadings, write me a list of all the different things you can find
  • Write two paragraphs, one describing what a thermal insulator is and one describing what a thermal conductor is
  • Come up with an idea for an experiment that would help us test how good a material is at keeping heat out (HINT: you might need a thermometer, a container and some ice cubes to help you get started) - you just need to design the experiment, but you could actually do it at home if you have all the equipment you would need

Tuesday 20th March


Welcome back to another day of 'working from home.' I was super impressed with the number of you that came back yesterday raring to go (lot's of work already handed back in!). Remember, I know that sometimes you will not be able to get much work done or have access to a computer / device so I will continue to provide only BONUS tasks on Fridays to give you guys a chance to catch up. Please do contact us if you're feel like you're drowning under a sea of work! RIght, on with the day!




Right, today's task. You need to watch / listen to the videos below for chapters 2 and 3. Throughout you will be learning a little more about The Templeton Twins and their lives at the moment.


Imagine that after the events of Chapter 3, Professor Templeton still can't make up his mind so everyone goes to bed. You need to write a diary entry as either John or Abigail about the events of the previous few days.


Make sure in your writing that you are:

  • Writing in the first person
  • Using descriptive language
  • Having a go at using relative pronouns again
  • Thinking about your time related sentence openers (After that, then, following, as soon as...)
  • Including some information about what your twin is feeling


Use the Word Doc below to do your writing and take a look at the Vocab Ideas sheet (it's full of helpful words, print it out if you can!).


Good luck!

VIDEO The Templeton Twins Chapter 2.m4v

Still image for this video

VIDEO The Templeton Twins Chapter 3.m4v

Still image for this video



Hi, all! A little more decimal and fraction conversion practice today.


There is a video designed to help those using Teams to edit the file, however it also includes some hints about solving the questions so still worth a watch.


Good luck!

VIDEO Decimals to Fractions.mp4

Still image for this video



Ok, for art this week I'd like you to think about facial expressions.


Watch the video below (it explains what you need to do and gives some helpful tips) then choose a facial expression from the file called 'RESOURCE Facial Expressions' and have a go! You can take a photo of your finished work and email it to


This should not be a task that you finish in 5 minutes! I did a VERY QUICK sketch in my video that I will be going back to and adding more detail. Take your time! The task is to use sketching skills, not colouring! If you want to colour then do two sketches and colour ONE in.


Deadline is the end of the week for this one if you want to spend a little more time working on it!



VIDEO Facial Expression Sketching.m4v

Still image for this video

Monday 20th April


Morning all!


First things first, well done on your D&T projects from the end of last term! Some amazing work!


Welcome back to the Summer Term! Hope you guys have all had a great Easter break and are ready for another bizarre few weeks of learning from home! Today we've got Maths, English and a Topic assignment.


I know that some of us have found working from home trickier (I know I have!) and have found a lot of the tasks to be quite challenging. Each day, I will be making sure each of you is challenged with work I know you're capable of. If it looks confusing to start with, re-watch the videos, have a think, send me a message or talk to a parent. Remember, be resilient. Just like in school, I will not be making things easy for you guys! You could also still have 'talk partners' to discuss your learning. Feel free to talk with your parents and try and set up a video chat or a phone call with a friend from class who you can talk through the work with together!


Do make sure you are letting us know how you're finding things (your parents know how to contact us) and you can still use this chat to discuss any problems you're having.


I will be available online on Teams in the chat today at 9:00am - 10:00am and 1:00pm - 2:00pm.


Good luck!




We are going to be starting a new book called 'The Templeton Twins' in our English sessions that we will be using each day. I've read the first part of the book in the video entitled 'STORY VIDEO Templeton Twins Part 1' below. As you watch it, make sure you are reading along (the words are also in the video). You may want to watch it a couple of times.


If you have a chance, watch the video with someone else (a brother / sister / parent / whoever) and discuss what is going on, it is a very bizarre start to a book!


After you have watched the story video you should watch the second video that explains the task (called TASK VIDEO Investigate a Character). This will explain the task.


At the end of the sheet are two challenge questions. I expect all of you to be able to complete them, however, if you struggled with any parts of this task and didn't manage to get to the challenge questions within an hour then that is fine.

STORY VIDEO Templeton Twins Part 1.mp4

Still image for this video

TASK VIDEO Investigate a Character.mp4

Still image for this video



Morning and welcome back!


So, this week we are going to be looking at converting fractions to decimals. I've attached a video below explaining the process and a link to a YouTube video that should help if you're confused.


We should all be able to attempt today's task but there is a bonus task at the end of the sheet you can complete if you would like a further challenge.


Complete your work in the Word Doc and then send it back using the email!

VIDEO 20.04 Fractions to Decimals.mp4

Still image for this video

YouTube - Writing Tenths and Hundredths with Decimals



It's the Summer Term which means the start of our new topic, World War II!


For your task this week we need to complete our KWL Grids. I've recorded an explanation of what one is below and the worksheet has been added for you to complete.


REMEMBER You only complete the first two columns (what you KNOW and what you WANT to know).

AUDIO KWL Grid.mp3

Friday 3rd April


Happy Friday everyone! Today, believe it or not, is the last day of term! You've got two whole weeks of freedom at home away from me! I will not be setting work for the break (but do keep up with your reading of course).


However, today is still a school day! Just like last Friday, I'm not setting much to do today so you have a chance to catch up if you've not managed to complete all the tasks this week. There is one new task below which is full of lots of things you can try out today. I've also set the deadline for the end of the Easter break so you can always dip in a do another task if you get bored. 


I'll be online again today on Teams around 11:00 if you want support with anything, but if I don't talk to you today I hope you have an amazing Easter break and I am looking forward to seeing you guys again soon!




Just like last week we are going to keep Friday fairly quiet to give you all a chance to catch up on any assignments you may have missed or haven't quite finished yet. Below are a few different tasks you may like to try if you have worked hard and managed to get all your assignments done. Choose at least one (but feel free to try more, there are lots of fun things to do!). I'll leave this assignment up for the whole of the Easter break so you can try and do all of the tasks while you're on holiday if you want!


When you are done then hand in the assignment (it would be helpful if you attached photos or evidence of you completing your tasks). 

  • Try out a bunch of games on Topmarks (both Maths and English). You can choose the category at the top but make sure you leave it on 7-11 year olds.
  • Produce some artwork (could be sketching, painting, drawing, a front cover for a book, a self portrait, etc.)
  • Continue working on your Scratch projects. I have created a new Studio folder called 'Working from Home Projects' where you can make something new and share it with the class!
  • While on the Scratch website, check out the games people have made in the Dodger Projects studio. Shout out to Daisy who has given you all a way you can make bombs crash into me! You can 'Look inside' their project to borrow some ideas or get some tips if you're not sure what to do.
  • Go on a virtual tour of Chester Zoo through their YouTube channel! You could write something afterwards (diary entry from the point of view of a red panda having cameras shoved in their face sounds interesting!) using the 'Fri-yay Writing' document below.
  • Watch a movie and write a review (we could post the reviews on the Posts page to give people ideas of films they could watch over the Easter holiday. Use the 'Fri-yay Writing' document below for your review.
  • Make a wildlife documentary type video of life in your house (with your parents permission of course). Do some research to find editing tools (iMovie, Movie Maker, etc.)
  • You could start doing some early research about our WW2 Topic for next term here. You could use the 'Fri-yay Writing' document below to write some notes.
  • Write something. About anything. Or if you're not sure what to write about use the Scholastic Story Spinner to generate an idea (Type in your name, then choose 4-6th for the grade). On my first spin it asked me to Descibe the house of a chivalrous inventor who lands on a faraway planet. Again, you can use the 'Fri-yay Writing' docuement below for your task.
  • Listen to someone read a story on Storyline Online (many of them written by famous people). You could then write a synopsis (a brief summary) of the book that has been read to you. Again, use the 'Fri-yay Writing' document.

Thursday 2nd April




Again, for those that finished their Time Slip Stories (and actually went back to check and confirm and be sure it is the best it can be), here is another task.


If you are still working on your Time Slip Stories then you DO NOT need to complete this task (but you can if you want to!).


Write me a book review of the latest book you have finished.


Remember a good book review should include:

  • Book title, author and whether it is Fiction or Non-fiction
  • A rough summary of the plot (without giving away an spoilers!)
  • Your opinion of the book (was it good / bad / ok and why?)
  • Who would you recommend the book to (4 year olds / 10 year olds / people that love cars / people that also enjoyed Fortunately the Milk / people that love dialogue / people that love fighting / etc.)

You can write your review as a series of paragraphs or you could split up the page using a table or draw something on paper and send me the photo. 


Feel free to also draw a picture from the book and send that in too!



Hi all!


Todays task is going to rely on both your Multiplication and Division skills!


I've attached three files below and, just like your homework, they come in three different difficulties (Bronze, Silver and Gold). You must complete AT LEAST ONE of the sheets. Take a look at all three and make sure you challenge yourself. If you only complete bronze and I think you could have challenged yourself and completed silver I will send it back for you to have another go.


For each sheet you need to work out whether you are using multiplication or division and then solve the problem before writing the answer in below the questions in a full sentence!


Feel free to rewatch any of the videos from over the last couple of weeks.


Good luck!



Well, thought we'd have a fun one today.


I'd like you to choose one of the following D&T projects. Take some photos of you doing it and the completed project and then send it in either by using the '+ Add Work' button below (you can do this from a phone if you have the Teams app or you can copy the photo onto your computer and do it from there) or you can email it to


I've set a longer deadline on this as some of the projects involve an adult and they are probably super busy (make sure you are being wonderful and kind to them, in fact, go and say thank you and give them a hug now if they're not busy). If you can't do the work today or tomorrow then don't worry but I would love to see your work as soon as possible.


Here are your options:


  • CONSTRUCTION Build something out of lego or some other building toy that shows off your skills
  • CONSTRUCTION Use junk modelling (cereal boxes, shoe boxes, etc.) to make some sort of vehicle. Maybe it floats (water bottles!) and you can make a boat. Maybe it has wheels and you can make a monster truck.
  • FOOD Make a meal or a cake or some bread or something else you have the ingredients for (you might not have ingredients for what you want to make so just make what you can). If you make a meal you could also show how healthy (or unhealthy) you are being.
  • ELECTRONICS WITH AN ADULT Is there anything in your house that is broken that you could take apart and see what is inside (WITH THE HELP OF AN ADULT. I'M NOT KIDDING HERE, MAKE SURE YOU TALK TO AN ADULT ABOUT THIS BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING!). Can you identify anything in there that you recognise?


Anyway, enjoy!

Wednesday 1st April




Hi all! For those of you that have finished (and edited and improved and corrected, etc) their Time Slip Stories here are some ore SPaG sheets to crack on with. Remember if you’re not sure of something you can always go researching online and see what you can find if I’m not available.



I've got a crossnumber puzzle for you guys today.


Please watch the video as it reminds you how to solve them and how to solve it in a Word Doc. You may find it easier to print. Cheers!

VIDEO MATHS Crossnumber Puzzles.mp4

Still image for this video

Tuesday 31st March




Make sure you have finished the task from yesterday before attempting todays.


Just a few word problems using multiplication today. When you finish the task below, have a go at these online games:


Penguin Jump

Stone Age Stu

Super Maths Bowling





Well everyone, I finally managed to get all your time slip stories up here!


All the stories so far are available on Teams in the Files section. If you still need them then please drop an email to requesting yours.


Here's what I need from you. You have three choices:


  1. Find your time-slip story, read your plan and what you wrote so far and then continue with it, either on paper or using the Word Doc below called 'My Time Slip Story.'
  2. As above, but you may want to re-type out everything you have done so far so it is all in one document (you might need to print your work so far or have it open on a different laptop next to you).
  3. Or, start again! I've attached a planning grid for you to plan out a new story if you feel it's been too long since we did the last ones and you would like to start again.


This is your English task for the week so I'd like you to make sure you are doing a thorough job. That means writing it and purple pen editing (checking against the success criteria below). Then go through and find ways to improve language and vocabulary before checking it all over again!


Once you think you have finished then hand the work in (but I don't expect to see any handed in for a few days. Make sure you do a very good job on this piece of writing.

Monday 30th March


I'm in school this week guys so things might be a little slower this week, sorry!




A bit of SPaG work on our clauses today.


Have a look at the sheet and the videos then have a go at the tasks.


There is a Word doc below. 


Give it a go!


VIDEO Phrases and Clauses

VIDEO Major and Subordinate Clauses



Well you lucky boys and girls are in for a treat this week...........multiplication!


Today's task is a recap of work we have done earlier in the year guys so watch the video and have a go at the worksheet. I've also added a link to a YouTube video that is worth checking out if you are still unsure.


Remember, give it a go, challenge yourself to complete as much as you can in a usual hour long maths session and then feel free to come back to it later on. You can also grab any resources that might be useful (pasta or paper clips or anything like that can always be handy).


WARNING: In my video I call one of the methods the Array method. This is wrong (I make mistakes too!), it should be called the Grid Method!


YouTube Grid Method

VIDEO MATHS Multiplication O X To-1.m4v

Still image for this video

Friday 27th March


Morning all! I'm going to treat Fridays as a catch up day as I know not all of you have easy access to computers all the time. 


I have set you one English task for today. That's it. Feel free to do some things from your pack, work on your Scratch projects, go do a drawing of the world through your window, find a bizarre (but safe) place in your house to read and send me a photo, come up with a new invention that would revolutionise breakfast, bake something, cook something, freeze something, get a parent to teach you how to load the dishwasher / washing machine / make them tea or coffee so you can be helpful, tidy your room, tidy all the other rooms, play with your little brother or sister, play with your big brother or sister, come up with 10 reasons why slippers are so much better than shoes, build a blanket fort and then tidy it up again neatly or just find a nice place and curl up to have a little snooze.


Make sure you take a break from work over the weekend!




Fun task for Friday. Think back to earlier in the year when you guys designed your perfect bedroom and then used relative pronouns to write about them. Well today I'd like you to design the absolutely, most amazing back garden. Maybe it has a water slide, perhaps there is a huge trampoline. You could add a go kart track or even a massive treehouse!


Draw your incredible back garden and then describe it for me using relative clauses.

You can take a photo of your work and email it to


Remember you can use who, which, when, where, whose and that.


Here are a few examples:

  • The garden comes with a robot butler, who brings drinks out whenever you get thirsty from playing too much football.
  • The swimming pool slides out of the way, when you want to take off in your rocket ship.
  • The shed, which is made out of 1 inch think steel, can be used to store gardening equipment OR to hide in during a zombie apocalypse.

Thursday 26th March




Have I got a bizarre and interesting task for you today Year 5! In fact, some might say its bizinteresting!


We're going to be looking at poem by Lewis Carroll called Jabberwocky. It is about a terrifying creature and the person who went to destroy it.


First, watch the YouTube video linked below. Maybe watch it a couple of times as the poem is full on nonsense words that are a little tricky to work out. These words are called portmanteau and are two words combined together like brunch (breakfast and lunch) or bizinteresting (bizarre and interesting).


Your first task is to try and work out what some of the portmanteau in the poem mean and fill in the table in the Word Doc below. After that, you need to come up with some of your own. They can be absolutely anything. I've left you an example in the worksheet.



I know a lot of you are still working on the division tasks from the last few days so definitely get those done before having a try of this bonus task.


Below you will find some division questions that have missing numbers. You have to work out where the missing numbers go. It is definitely NOT easy. I suggest printing or copying out the questions then sending me a photo of your completed work.


Have a go but these are definitely tricky!



Right, for your computing task this week I'd like you to hop onto Scratch and first make sure your Splat Project is finished. Remember, that might include adding scores, timers, golden splattables, whatever your imagination can come up with.


After you've done that I would like you to take a look at this project I just made


I call it a dodger project. You have to dodge the falling bombs. Your task is either to remix it and make it your own, change the sprites, add a background, give it a score, etc. OR challenge yourself and don't look at the code but try and make your own project that does something similar.


When you are done, make sure you share it into the 'Dodger Projects 2020' folder.


Hand In your assignment once you have shared your work into the Dodger Projects 2020 folder (although feel free to keep working on it over the next few days). 




Reminder about usernames and passwords:

Your username is 21trees____. You should have these written down in your Homework and Spelling books.

Your password should be a tree.


Let me know if you need your username or password and I can send it over.

Wednesday 25th March


Take a look at the tasks below. Remember, you can email photos or completed work to




Right guys, tasks for today:


  1. Finish your division work from the last couple of days if you haven't managed to yet. 
  2. Play some maths games! I've got a bunch of links to different games for you below, they should all work on a computer or a tablet (maybe on a phone). Try out a few and make sure you practice today.


Pacman Maths

Top Marks Times Tables


I've also added some Crossnumber sheets that you can try and I've also attached the times tables grids we use for times tables tests. Choose one and time yourself filling it in (you could even fill it in on the computer) then send that back to me with your time written on it.


Good luck!




Take a good look at the picture above called 'A Pair of Umbrellas' (it's also inside the Word doc where you'll be writing).


Now think about the following questions:

  • Why are these umbrellas here?
  • Why are there two of them?
  • Who do you think they might have belonged to?
  • Will anyone be coming back for them?


Today, I’d like you to write me a short story that ends with these two umbrellas being left here. Here are a few ideas:

  • It could be that two people were out looking for their lost dog in the rain and when they eventually found him, they forgot about the umbrellas.
  • Maybe the umbrellas both got blown away in a windy storm. During the storm they flew over some beautiful buildings (that you could describe) and ended up landing, gently, hooked over the railing.
  • Perhaps the umbrellas aren’t what they seem and are actually spy gadgets that contain hidden secrets. After a battle, both umbrellas were found by a kind old lady who hooked them up, hoping their owners will find them.
  • Maybe your character is walking to work and see lots of strange things along the way. At the end, they arrive and this is just where they store umbrellas.

Tuesday 24th March


Tasks for today are up. Remember, if you're finding something tough, take a break, play something, get some fresh air, get a drink and come back to it. If a task takes you a couple of days that is absolutely fine. Time are weird, try your best!


Still image for this video

Speed Guide to Short Division



Have a go at this reading comprehension task.



In Science I want you guys to learn about properties of materials. A property is a like a feature of something. For example, a property of iron is that it is magnetic and a property of wood is that it is flammable (it will burn). For your task today I'd like you to do a little research either using the internet or a dictionary (or if you're really stuck, the cheat sheet) and find out what different properties mean.


In the document below you'll find 10 properties that I want you to find the definition of (meaning) and some examples of materials that have that property.


(If you do need to use the cheat sheet that is ok but you should know that the descriptions of the properties in that sheet are NOT in the same order as the ones in the worksheet).

Monday 23rd March


Hi all. As most of you know, your work to complete at home is now live on the Microsoft Teams website ( You will need your username and password but don't worry if you have forgotten them or lost them as you can contact the school office and they will sort you out.


Just in case you're having problems with Teams I am also going to put the resources you will need below. If you are printing out work from here and completing it at home then please send us an email with photos of the completed work to where a member of the team will pick it up.


Still image for this video
Watch this video then have a go at the sheet provided below.



Have a go at these SPaG sheets. You will most likely need to print them off and take photos of your completed work.

Tuesday 17th March


Hi all! Attached below are a couple of resources you could be using at home this week.


For Maths there are a series of time related word problems. Each one may ask you to complete multiple steps in order to find the final answer. You may want to use this interactive clock to help you (should work on computer / tablet) Visnos Clock. You could spread out solving these questions over a couple of days.


For English I'd like you to write a time-slip story. I've attached our original version of Sophie's Slip as an example, the planning sheet and the success criteria that includes everything I'm expecting in your story. You can hand write or type up your stories. Don't forget to purple pen edit during and after finishing your story. You should have a complete, corrected, edited and up-leveled story by the end of the week.


I have also attached some spellings to focus on for this week. Try and do a test at home next Tuesday!