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Woodcote Primary School


Reading Packs - 5th Sept 2014

Dear Oak, Hornbeam, Beech and Ash Parents and Carers


This letter contains information about our systems for borrowing books from The Snug, our school library.  Your child will also bring home a leaflet with more practical tips for reading at home when they receive their first book.


Reading Pack

Over the next few days, your child will be assessed so we can find out from which coloured book band they should be borrowing books.  They will then choose a book from our library within that band to bring home on Monday 8th September.  From then on, you and your child may choose to take books home as often as you wish.  They should only take one book out at a time and the title should be written into their Reading Diary, as this will help us keep track of books.  Each banded book has a coloured sticker on the spine to help you identify it so please ensure the book is put back in the correct shelf when returning it.

Your child will also bring home a bookmark indicating the band from which they should choose books.  It will also tell you the level your child is reading at and how you can support their reading at home. They will receive a new bookmark when they progress to another book band.


Children will be read with at least once a week by an adult in school and a comment will be made in their home-school Reading Diary.  This diary will be sent home with your child every night so you can continue reading the same book and make any comments in the diary.  We will carry out regular assessments to check which band children are reading in but if you feel that particular books are too easy or difficult for your child then please speak to their teacher.


To summarise, in your reading pack next week you can expect to receive:

  • A banded bookmark
  • A library book
  • A reading diary
  • A ‘reading at home’ leaflet


Please note that children will be expected to use a school book bag to bring their reading kit to school.  This is part of their school uniform and must be brought into school every day!


Oak Class

Children in Oak Class will be assessed against the above book bands later in the year, as they are introduced to phonics and reading in class.  For now, Oak Class children can choose a book from our Sharing At Home book box in the library.  Please ensure that books are replaced in the box on their return.


The Snug

You can access The Snug in the morning from 8.40 to 8.55.  We understand that not all parents are able to come to school regularly so each classroom will have a designated place where book bags can be put if books need changing.


Many thanks

Mrs Donnai