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Homework is given out regularly but not always on the same day, this is to prepare our Year 6 pupils for their secondary school experience.  Please check their Homework Journal and Spelling Book for notes on homework and completion dates.  As we move through the year we then put more and more of the homework onto Teams to help the children get ready for secondary school too.


During the year, there will be a mixture of short (one week) pieces of homework and longer (4-6 week) project work as well as research into a topic that pupils would like to present to their class.


Please remember that Homework also includes regular reading and times table practice.  Reading should be for 20 minutes a night whilst times tables should be 10 minutes a night.


Spellings - please remember to write a sentence for each spelling that demonstrates pupils have understood the word meaning.

Ancient Greeks Sept 2021

Due on the 1st November - your task is to earn 15pts by this date.