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Sunshine and Spring in our Step - 26th March 2016


Beech Class enjoyed revisiting FAI Farm in Wytham on Tuesday 23rd March.  Having already visited the farm in November we were able to take notice of the seasonal changes as Spring arrives.  Whereas on our last visit we stepped over frozen puddles and encountered a snow goose, this time we were lucky enough to enjoy bright sunshine.  The animals all seemed to be enjoying the better weather too.

We hope you enjoy our film of our day.


Still image for this video
Some of the sheep were still in the barn but others were out enjoying the rich spring grass in the fields as they wait for the arrival of their lambs.  We were told that most of the sheep have their new lambs on their own out in the fields but some of them that are expecting 3 lambs come in to be looked after by the farmers. If you are driving along the A34 in the next month watch out for the new lambs in the fields by Wytham.
We had great fun meeting and feeding the chickens.  They were lots of them and they certainly like their food. Woodcote Wanderer Ted enjoyed meeting them too.  We also visited our favourite friendly bull, taking some time to stroke his head and put fresh straw in his manger. There were four bulls this time: two brown and two black.

In the farm garden we met some new workers who are starting a new venture to grow and sell flowers.  They showed us their new ‘no-dig’ flower beds (which seemed very popular with Mrs Pearson). They had made the flower beds on top of the Oxford clay (which is very hard to dig) by putting down cardboard, then straw and topping it with compost.  The bulbs for tulips had been planted in the compost and were just beginning to poke their new shoots through. The flower bed area had to have a fence all around it to keep the rabbits and badgers out.

We are going to revisit the farm in the summer to check out more changes as the weather becomes even warmer.