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Remote Education

In the event of your child needing to learn remotely from the school, we have used the protocols from our National Lockdown success here at Woodcote Primary.


Whether your child is isolating away from the rest of the class in school, or a larger bubble or whole class isolation is required, we will provide remote education for your child, with your support. 


The document below sets out how we will proceed with remote education should the need arise.

To see what the Woodcote family were doing from our various places of learning during the National lockdown of 2020, take a look at our slideshow on our "Together in Isolation" page

During the National Lockdown, the school was closed to most pupils.  We operated with bubble classes in school supporting children for a variety of reasons, including those who are children of workers defined by the Government as critical in the fight against the virus.


Within 24 hours of the announcement the team here were ready for online learning.  We taught a full and varied curriculum throughout the lockdown, using many of the successful methods deployed from March 2020 and throughout the other lockdown periods.  We built in many face-to-face opportunities to meet with the teacher for every child learning at home.  We were very aware of the challenges this might bring to some families so requested that they do not work in isolation but contact their teacher, so we could adapt things wherever possible and appropriate.  


Feedback from families was that this was a first rate offer and worked well for almost everyone.