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Reception – Oak

Welcome To Oak Class

The Oak Team:

Miss Sarah Beesley ,

Mrs Benham,  Mrs Martin and Mrs Peates


“The Early Years Foundation Stage is good. The activities are well planned using accurate knowledge about children’s individual abilities.”  OFSTED

Our First Week

Our First Week 1
Our First Week 2
Our First Week 3
Our First Week 4
2017-2018  Archive

     Oak Class enjoyed a wonderful day in the woods with some teddy bear friends.  Despite the hot weather they were busy making ponds and shelters, searching for bears and using all their senses to explore the woodland: smelling herbs, listening to birds and grasshoppers, and making teddy paw prints in clay.  Their enthusiasm, good manners and enjoyment made all the staff very proud - what wonderful Woodcote woodland ambassadors. 

Congratulations Harry and Meghan!

Congratulations Harry and Meghan! 1

Fireman Sean and his crew meet Oak Class

Fireman Sean and his crew meet Oak Class 1
Fireman Sean and his crew meet Oak Class 2



The children had a fantastic time on their first swimming lesson! They listened beautifully and followed the instructions of the swimming teacher well. 

Great fun was had by all! 

Special Guest

Special Guest 1

We have had a very exciting visitor this week! 

We have enjoyed learning about the role of a police officer and how to stay safe when we get lost in a shop or somebody talks to us at the park. We were able to wear the policeman's hat and enjoyed listening to his radio. 

We also learnt about police dogs and that they can run as fast as 30 mph! 


     On Thursday 29th March, Oak children celebrated their achievements in dance this term in a special Sharing Assembly alongside all the other classes.  The children demonstrated their Haka with fabulous enthusiasm. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


Planting 1
Planting 2
Planting 3
Earlier this year we spent time planting flowers in our garden. The children are enjoying watching them grow and learning how to look after them! 


Maths 1
Maths 2
The children have enjoyed practising writing numbers on the board making it all the way to 40!


Easter 1
Easter 2
Easter 3
Easter 4

Easter Fun


We have been busy making Easter nests this week! 


PE 1
PE 2

The children had a fantastic time in PE! They have been learning the best techniques to balance cones on their bodies and how to stay very still, so that none of them fall. We had some very interesting balancing positions!

Snow Fun!

Snow Fun! 1
Snow Fun! 2
Snow Fun! 3
Snow Fun! 4
The children had a fabulous time exploring the snow. They worked together to build snowmen, statues and many other things! We even had a real life Snow Angel!
We hope you enjoyed the Nativity! We are very proud of all of the children for learning all of the songs and singing with enthusiasm. We hope that these performances put you in a jolly Christmas spirit. 

The children had some very special visitors!

Snowy and Halo the reindeer flew into Woodcote Primary School playground and were greeted by some very excited Oak children. We enjoyed learning all about the reindeer and had great fun stroking and feeding them. 

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day 1
The children have enjoyed making poppies and learning about Remembrance Day. They also stopped all of their activities at 11 o'clock for a 2 minute silence. 

Gardening Fun

Gardening Fun 1
Gardening Fun 2
Gardening Fun 3
Gardening Fun 4

The children had great fun enjoying the inside and outside craft activities. 

They made some fantastic creatures with playdough and objects collected from outside. They also enjoyed conker painting. 

The children are very excited about the new addition to the mud kitchen! Thank you to the parent who kindly helped to dig and finish this! 

Inside Fun

 Inside Fun 1
 Inside Fun 2
 Inside Fun 3
 Inside Fun 4
 Inside Fun 5

The children have had a fantastic time exploring the areas of the classroom.

They have been learning about solid 3D shapes and using them to build models and create many new inventions!

We have enjoyed some quiet time reading stories and we are about to begin our own story of the Gingerbread Man. 

Outside Fun

Outside Fun 1
Outside Fun 2
Outside Fun 3

The children have enjoyed exploring the outside area!

They have had a fantastic time in the mud kitchen making mud pies and chocolate ice creams! The children have enjoyed playing football and building with equipment to make dens and spaces. 



Bug Hunting

Bug Hunting 1
Bug Hunting 2
Bug Hunting 3

Bug Hunting

The children really enjoyed exploring the outside area looking for insects! The children were excited to find many insects living under logs and we discussed different habitats and environments. We talked about why we are different to animals and ways in which we are similar.

Contact Us
Contact Us
  • Woodcote Primary School,
  • Reading Road, Woodcote,
  • Reading, RG8 0QY