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Newsletter week ending 13th November 2015

Film Evening – Thursday 19th November 3.20pm – 5.30pm. The school council has organised for classes 1 – 6 to watch ‘Hotel Transylvania’. Attached is a letter with all the details and the permission slip necessary for participation. Paper copies can be found in the Foyer.


Nativity – this year Foundation, Oak Class, will be performing the traditional Nativity on Friday 4th December at 2pm in the school hall. There will be a dress rehearsal on Thursday 3rdDecember at 2pm to which children from the Cabin and Woodcote Pre-School will be attending along with the whole school. The other two Key Stage 1 classes, Hornbeam and Beech, will be performing their Nativity on Tuesday 8th December at 2pm and on Wednesday 9th December at 6pm. There will be a Dress Rehearsal for the whole school, Cabin Pre-School & Woodcote Pre-School on Monday 7th December at 2pm. Please complete the slip below, regarding seating, and return it to the school office by Monday 30th November. Please be aware all siblings will have seen the performances at the Dress Rehearsals. There is the usual Fire Safety restriction on seating numbers allowed in the school hall, so please do not order more than 5 tickets per family for the Oak Class Nativity and 2 tickets per family for the Year 1 & 2 Nativity, ‘The Christmas Recipe’. (The difference is due to the larger numbers in Years 1 & 2.) Tickets will be given out via the children by Tuesday 1st December for Oak Class and Wednesday 2nd December for Hornbeam & Beech Class. (Paper copies are available in the Foyer).


Race for Life for Kids – Saturday 28th November at 2.20pm in Goring. This will be run by ‘Goring & Streatley Kids RFL’ for children aged 4 – 12 years old. Key Stage 1 children have to be accompanied by an adult. If your child would like to take part please follow the link to download the information sheet: For further information please speak to Mrs Rasmussen or Mrs Bodeker. Please return all completed applications and payments to the school office by the end of the day on Monday 23rd November. (Mrs Rasmussen will be taking the forms as she leaves school at 3.15pm.)


Aspens ordering – recently a number of children have been quite upset about the meals that have been ordered. Occasionally, the canteen has been able to provide an alternative (at their own cost) but this is not always possible. Please can you check with your child whether they have liked the meals ordered. The dinner staff ask the children to tell parents so that an alternative meal can be ordered next time, however the same problem is recurring.


Children in Need – to date we have raised £157.80. Thank you for all the donations.


Printer cartridges – if anyone has any original toner or ink cartridges to be recycled please bring them in a sealed plastic bag to the school office. We can send them off and earn some extra funds for school.


FOWPS Newsletter w/e Friday 13th November 2015   

It’s just 14 days until our annual Christmas Market. This year, we will are asking for your help with donations of bottles and jolly jars to use on our two tombolas. We have started collecting your donations this week.


There will be collection bags under the sheltered area of the chalets every day of the week. (On your right as you enter the playground). These will be clearly labelled with the class names. Please make sure you put your donations into the correct bag!


A tally will be kept over the course of each collection week to see which class has given the school the most support through their donations. The class with the most items donated will be allowed a special treat for all their hard work.


JOLLY JARS: From 16th-20 November is Jolly Jar week. Please bring in clean jars, filled with sweets (preferably wrapped) or small toys. As with the bottles, any edible items must be within date to at least January 2016. You are welcome to decorate your jars for a bit of festive fun.



Last year’s winners were Hornbeam (y1) and Rowan (y4). Who will be this year’s winners? Could it be your class???


Diary Dates – Christmas Market – Friday 27th November. School Disco – Friday 4th December.