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Woodcote Primary School


Newsletter 27 June 2014

Safeguarding – may we remind parents that any child arriving or leaving school out of regular hours must be signed in or out in the blue folder by the office. This is to ensure that we can account for your child’s whereabouts at all times. Also if you are late collecting your child and have to pick up from the foyer please let the office or another member of staff know when you arrive. Please remind your children that they should not be letting themselves out to meet you. Again a member of staff must know your child has left with an appropriate adult.


Online Ordering – would parents who are ordering their children’s meal online, please tell their children what they are having each day before coming to school. Many children don’t know what has been ordered and have been taking meals that have not been ordered for them. This has meant other children have not had the meals they were expecting. We print out a list each day of the classroom orders and the canteen send us a list of online orders to help those children who have forgotten but many children have not been checking the daily list before taking meals. Thank you for your cooperation.


Feedback form – this week you should receive a feedback form with your Newsletter. Please may we ask that you fill it in and send it back to school via your class Teacher or through the office post box as soon as possible.


Sports Day – Key Stage 1: Tuesday 8th July 1.30 – 3.15pm.
Key Stage 2: Tuesday 8th July 9.15 – 12noon.
The Key Stage 1 event will take place on the school field.
The Key Stage 2 event will be over on the Langtree field.
Both events are subject to the weather and may have to be changed at short notice.


Sainsbury’s Vouchers –the closing date for these is Tuesday 1st July 2014. Unfortunately any vouchers received after this time will be of no use, so please turn out your handbags, pockets and purses and bring any vouchers to the school office before 1st July so we can place an order for free school resources.


Langtree Taster Day – Wednesday 2nd July 2014 for participating Year 6. We hope they enjoy their day at secondary school.