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New Booking Information

ASC booking form 2012 – USE (Click here to download new form)

From Monday 20 February 2012, the school will no longer be taking bookings and cancellations for the After School Club.

Please see details below:


Change to Booking Terms & Conditions – from Monday 20th February 2012


From Monday 20th February 2012 the School will no longer be involved in the management of taking or cancelling bookings for the After School Club (ASC).  This means that you will not be able to book or cancel a space by ringing the School Office or speaking to a member of the school staff.


The new procedures are in place in case you wish to cancel or make a new booking which now requires a minimum of 24 hours notice.  You can use the booking form for 'extra' sessions in addition to those already booked as well as for new bookings. (Please note that if at the start of the term you completed a form to confirm your child’s regular ASC days, then you will have already been booked in for these days)


You can pick up a booking form in the school hall.  The forms are in a folder on the wall outside the ASC cupboard.

There will now be a new postbox next to the ASC cupboard in the school hall for posting your booking form and payments in an envelope.


In order to book a place for your child, you will need to complete a booking form and enclose this in an envelope with your payment (preferably cheques made payable to Woodcote After School Club).  All payments are to be made in advance with your booking.  If you pay by Childcare Vouchers, then please ensure that your payment is sent at the time of booking.  No payment, no booking.


Outside of ASC hours, please post your envelope in the ASC post box.  In ASC hours, please hand to an ASC member of staff.  You will receive a call to confirm if there are places available for your chosen day.

To check if there are places available, please ring the New ASC tel. number 07732 382928 and leave a message. A member of staff will ring you back to confirm if a place is available. If you ring from 3.25pm – 6.00pm, it will be answered by an ASC member of staff.





Cost per child per session

Full session (includes a light tea)

3.15pm – 6pm


Please note the updated Late Collection Charges

It is essential that you pick your child/children up on time. If you arrive after 6pm you will be charged as follows:

Pick up 6.01pm – 6.15pm – £10 charge per child

Pick up 6.16pm – 6.30pm – £20 charge per child

This charge will be added to your next invoice



We require 24 hours notice of cancellation of any session previously booked or the session will be charged.


Contact Numbers

After School Club Mobile: 07732 382928   (after 3.25pm)

Ofsted Complaints Telephone Number: 0300 1234666 (Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm)

Ofsted Whistleblowing Hotline – 0300 1233155

Or if you want to discuss any aspect of the Club’s child-care you can call 0300 1231231.

The postal address for Ofsted is: National Business Unit, Royal Exchange Buildings, St Ann’s Square, Manchester M2 7LA.



Please pay at time of booking and complete a Booking Form.  You may pay in cash, but a cheque is preferable.  Cheques to be made payable to Woodcote After School Club.  Payments can also be made with childcare vouchers through Edenred (formerly “Accor Services”) quoting Account Number P20243189.  The Club also accepts other types of childcare vouchers.  Please either post your form in the ASC post box or give direct by hand to a member of the ASC Staff.


Booking Conditions:


  1. Your child will be expected to follow the school behaviour policy (a copy is kept in the ASC cupboard)
  2. Your child will be expected to adhere to the safety rules of the After School Club.
  3. We require payment in advance and 24 hours notice of cancellation of any session previously booked, in default of which full payment for the session will not be refunded.
  4. Please ensure that your child is collected on time.  Please make alternative arrangements for your child to be collected in the event of unforeseen circumstances although you must inform us beforehand who will be collecting your child, or your expected time of arrival.
  5. If you arrive late to collect your child from a session you will be charged a late fee as above
  6. A number of staff are qualified in first aid procedures and as such you consent to them giving your child emergency first aid treatment as well as consenting to our staff members contacting your child’s doctor directly.
  7. Our complaints procedure is available at any time as well as recourse to the Ofsted complaints telephone number which is 0300 1234666.  There are also other telephone numbers for contacting Ofsted about any concerns including the Whistleblowing Hotline (0300 1233155) and a general number 0300 1231231.


ASC booking form 2012 – USE

Many thanks


The After School Club Committee

After School Club Tel.  No:  07732 382928