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Woodcote Primary School


Meals, Lunches and snacks

Children may stay for a cooked lunch or bring a packed lunch. Please find information about our meals and snacks below.


School meals

  • Those staying for lunch the food is served, cafeteria style, at Langtree School.
  • Payment for cooked meals is made on Monday morning for the whole week.  Please send the exact money in a sealed envelope marked with the child’s name and amount. 
  • Free meals are available if needed, details of eligibility can be obtained from the office in strict confidence.


Packed Lunches

  • Children staying for packed lunch need their lunches in airtight, named containers. 
  • Ideas for simple healthy lunch box meals are available. 
  • We do not allow sweets to be eaten at school. 
  • All meals are supervised by ancillary staff who are responsible for the children during the lunch break.


Snacks & Water

The children are encouraged to have a bottle of water to keep on their table.


All children are allowed to bring a snack and drink for their morning break.  Only healthy snacks (low fat and sugar content) are allowed i.e. fruit, raw vegetables, cheese, a small savoury sandwich, etc.  No crisps, biscuits or chocolate bars are allowed and parents are requested not to send pouch style yogurts eg. Frubes, for their children, as they are very messy.