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Woodcote Primary School


Maths and vocabulary games! This is for Maple Class, but other classes might find these fun too!

• There are nine games here. I particularly like the jetpack dad!
• This Asteroid field is only for the most elite of mathematician pilots. Even Mr Jones keeps crashing!
• This one looks fun but doesn’t work on all computers…

• Who ya gonna call?

• Now you’ve got a jetpack! Get your timing right flappy bird! (This is the most likely to work well on ipad.)

• Maths and raising money for charity? What’s not to like?

• Moon Disco!

• It’s a fashion show!

• Ever wanted to work in a supermarket?


Okay, this isn’t a times tables game. This is a fantastic game for learning the meaning of new words. Not only does it adjust the difficulty to your skill level, but for every question you answer they donate rice to people who need it. Can you get to level 4? Can you get to level 10?