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Headteachers Newsletter Spring 2013

Headteacher’s Newsletter January 2013


Dear Parents,


Happy new year to all our pupils, parents and families and also to the new children who have started at our school this term.      

We also welcome Mr Binham who is doing a 4 week teaching practice in Year 5 as part of his Graduate Teaching Programme course.


This term we have Oak, Hornbeam and Beech class assemblies for parents, and an Open Evening for the parents of children in Ash, Rowan, Maple and Willow classes.

There will also be Parents’ evenings for parents to meet teachers to discuss their child’s progress. 


School Site Development


As many of you have seen, we have now completed the front entrance lobby project. This has been successful in achieving our aims of creating a more attractive and welcoming entrance for visitors, and also a more secure, single point of access.



We have a range of clubs on offer this term:


Monday           – 3:15-4:15pm     – Science club          – FS-Year 6     – Bright Sparks club

– Lunchtime         – Knitting                – Years 1-2      – Mrs Bodeker


Tuesday           – Lunchtime        – Bridge club            – Years 3-6      – Volunteers

                        – 10.00-10.30am – Choir                      – Years 3-6      – Mrs Lecorgne and Mr Morris

                        – Lunchtime        – Knitting                 – Years 1-2      – Mrs Bodeker 


Wednesday     – Lunchtime        – Knitting                 – Years 3-6      – Mrs Bodeker 

– 3.15-4.00pm     – Football                 – Years 2-3      – Mr Dixon

                        – Lunchtime        – French Club           – Years 3-6      – La Jolie Ronde.


Thursday         – Lunchtime         – French Club          – Years 1-2      – La Jolie Ronde.

                        – 3:15-4:15pm      – Football                 – Years 4,5,6    – Mr Field.

                        – 8.00-8.45am      – Judo                      – Years 3-6      – Linkai Judo Club

                        – Lunchtime         – Knitting                – Years 3-6      – Mrs Bodeker


Friday              – Lunchtime         – Knitting                – Foundation               – Mrs Bodeker 


In addition to these clubs, children will have the opportunity to compete in inter-school football, tag rugby and athletic competitions.


SEAL (Social Emotional Aspects of Learning)


This term’s themes will be ‘Going for goals’ and ‘Good to be me’.



January            – Courage.

February          – Love.

March              – Responsibility.


Dates for the diary 


Half Term                                11th – 15th February

Scholastic Book Fair               26th February – 5th March  

 ‘War and Peace’ dress down day   Wednesday 27th February

Book Week                             4th – 8th March

End of Term                            Thursday 28th March at 1pm

INSET day                              Monday 15th April       

Summer Term                          Tuesday 16th April

Mayday holiday                      Monday 6th May                                

SATs Week                             13th -17th May          

Half Term                                27th – 31st May             

Year 6 Residential  Trip          3rd-7th June

End of Term                            Tuesday 23rd July at 1pm          


Class assemblies from 9:15am:

Hornbeam       –  Wednesday 27th February

Oak                 –  Wednesday 13th March

Beech              –  Wednesday 20th March


Open Evening for Ash, Rowan, Maple and Willow classes – Wednesday 27th February.


Swimming begins for Year 5 and 6 on Thursday 10th January – 9.45-10.45 at the Oratory Main School pool, and Year 2 on Friday 11th January – 9.30-10.30 at the Oratory Prep School pool.


Parent Interviews

There will be an opportunity for parents to meet teachers to discuss your child’s progress. 

Dates are as follows:


Monday 11th March       – 3.30 – 6.30pm – All classes


Tuesday 12th  March       – from 3.30pm – Oak, Beech, Ash and Rowan classes.


Wednesday 13th March  – from 3.30pm – Hornbeam, Maple and Willow classes.


Lists for these days and times will be put up in the school hall w/b Monday 4th March, for parents to sign up and book appointments.


Morning routine


Just to remind parents, and inform new parents, that on arrival to school, parents and children will be expected to stay in the playground until 8.50am, when the bell will ring, and then children will line up quietly in their class groups. Children will then be taken in as a whole class into the classroom by a member of staff ready for registration at 8.50am. As usual a member of staff will be on duty in the playground at 8.40am, but doors will not be opened to the school.


We appreciate that parents sometimes wish to pass on information to the class teacher first thing, and so staff will go into the playground at 8.45am, to allow parents to do this. Any minor information, such as dentist appointments or children being picked up by other parents, can be put in a note to staff, or through staff in the office.

In the case of rain or very poor weather, then parents and children will be given access to the school at 8.40am.


Whole School Topic

This term, our whole school topic will be ‘War and Peace’. Children throughout the school will be learning about aspects of historical conflict, with some classes looking at how children have been directly or indirectly affected.

Work will be shared with parents through the KS 1 assemblies and KS 2 Open Evening.


School Council

I am organising a series of School Council meetings as an opportunity to work with pupils to get their views on issues regarding school improvement. As a group we will discuss particular areas of school life, and the pupils will have the opportunity to gather views from the other class members.

Pupils’ views will then be included in the school’s overall Self Evaluation.


Volunteer Reading Programme

This term the school are looking to extend the partnership between its pupils and the elderly residents of Woodcote by inviting residents in to listen to pupils read and engage in discussions with pupils about the stories they are reading. The aim would be to encourage pupils to enjoy their reading, but also to share this enjoyment with others. We also hope, of course, that residents will enjoy coming into school and interacting with our pupils.


Golden Rules

Children are very aware of our Golden rules and often refer to them.


Please reinforce these at home:


  1. We listen to and look at the person talking to us.
  2. We walk quietly and calmly into assembly, the dining hall and around school.
  3. We take pride in our work.
  4. We follow requests and instructions, calmly and promptly.
  5. We take responsibility for our actions and belongings.
  6. We speak politely to everyone, and show good manners.


If you ever have any concerns please speak to the class teacher or myself, as often issues can be resolved quickly and easily with informal discussion.


Thank you for your continued support for the school.


Yours sincerely,

Chris Field, Headteacher.