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Correspondent Article: November

Despite half term hitting us this month, they seem to come around more and more quickly, we have had an action packed month with school trips, activities at school, harvest festivals and sing-alongs.


Oak Class were lucky to be invited to sing their harvest songs for the WI to celebrate their harvest feast with them. There were some very enthusiastic renditions of ‘The Harvest Rock and Roll and ‘Bean Harvest’ that they had rehearsed for their own harvest festival. Once the children had finished, the ladies returned the favour and sang a song back to the children. A wonderful collaborative event bringing together the older and younger generations in our village.


Beech Class visited The Oxfordshire Museum which is situated in a large 18th century house in the heart of Woodstock. They have been learning about toys from the past and while there, visited the Victorian Gallery, looked at old Victorian toys and even learnt to make traditional peg dolls. On top of that, they also made a visit to the Science Museum in London which allowed the children time to explore and investigate with hands on practical experiments. Rowan Class visited the Natural History Museum, also in London, to take part in an interactive workshop.


Oak and Hornbeam Classes (Reception and Year 1) were treated to a visit by ‘the Zoo Lab’. Josie and Beth in Oak Class aptly described this as ‘we held lots of animals like snakes, snails and huge stick insects’. The children handled all sorts of wriggly, slithery creepy creatures that you wouldn’t normally find in Woodcote!


As part of the ongoing ‘Mini-Woods’ programme, the playground was temporarily converted to a real adventure playground with the addition of a ‘bouldering wall’ which all classes were able to make use of, despite the very wet conditions. Bouldering is a form of rock climbing that is performed without the use of ropes or harnesses. In addition to this, a group of Year 5 children are continuing with their weekly ‘Mini-Woods’ project, involving outdoor cooking.


A group from Maple Class (Year 5) were invited to the ICT suite at Whitchurch Primary school to learn about, and have a go at, some programming as part of our school’s ‘gifted and talented’ programme.

Six children from Year 5 have been chosen to become ‘sports leaders’ during play time and lunch time breaks. They will organise, create and teach playground games for all the younger children to participate in should they wish. Congratulations to Tom, Gemma, Milly, Guy, Katie and Silas who completed their training at Langtree.

Auditions have taken place for the Year 5 / 6 production of ‘Sheherazade’ – a version of the tales of ‘1001 Arabian Nights’. The performance will take place on the 17th December at 7pm. Oak, Hornbeam and Beech’s production of ‘Baboushka’, a Russian perspective on the traditional nativity, will take place on the 11th December at 2.00 pm.