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Correspondent article: August

We finished on a high note this year with a fantastic school trip for the year 6’s in Wales, gorge walking, caving, orienteering, a visit to an iron age fort, waterfall walks, hill climbing and plenty of team games.


Thankfully, there were no incidents, injuries or illness involving the children to report thanks the hard work and effort put in by the teachers before and during the event. Both staff and pupils had a fantastic time although they were all somewhat exhausted by the end of it (see photos)

Many years ago a silver cup and shield were donated to Woodcote Primary School by Mary Williams in memory of her deceased granddaughter, who had a love of reading and in particular writing stories and poems. These special awards are given to a Year 6 and a year 5 pupil each year to recognise and celebrate their achievements and progress in literacy.

Congratulations to Charlotte Mansfield in Year 6, who this year has won the Literacy Cup and also to Adam McBride who received the literacy shield to recognise his effort and progress with writing. Adam has made significant improvements, writing to a high standard and with increasing maturity, well done to Adam.

Sports day was blessed with good weather this year. Well done to all the children who took and a great job well done by the teachers. Parents enjoyed Javelin throwing (with a difference, long jump, hurdles, sprints and long distance running. Congratulations to team ‘Owls’ who won the most points overall.

We have now had and ecologist visit our Wildlife Area and we await his final report and full recommendations but it is very clear that we will need to remove a lot of plants from the pond (if not all) as we have been invaded by a non native plant that is choking the life out of our pond. The good news is that we still have a lot of wildlife, frogs, toads etc in the pond so we will not be able to address this issue until at least October but by then we will need all the help we can get as this will be a major job. Thank you to all of those who have currently volunteered their help for the complete make-over, we will keep you posted with any dates but with the amount of work needs, if there are any more volunteers who could help out when the time comes, please do let us know at .


We hope you all have a happy and safe summer holidays