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Woodcote Primary School


Admissions Policy

At Woodcote Primary School all children who become 5 within an academic year are offered a place in school in the autumn term of that year. For the children born between 1st September and 31st December this place is a full time place.   For all other children the place is a half time place. All children are then offered a full time place in the term in which they become 5. Parents have the right to defer their child’s entry to school until any term within that academic year but legally must start their child in school the term after their fifth birthday.



The catchment area of the school lies within the parish of Woodcote, stretching from Exlade Street to Crays Pond.  The majority of children attending the school live within the village of Woodcote itself, although children outside the catchment area may be admitted if places are available.



You are invited to discuss your child’s needs with the Headteacher and staff of the Foundation Stage in order to choose the induction and starting date most suitable for your child.


We also offer you a home visit or a meeting at school with your child’s class teacher, so that you can pass on any information about your child that would be useful for us to know, and to enable your child to establish a warm and friendly relationship with the teacher before joining us at the school.


Parents who are considering children for admission at school are invited to contact the Headteacher who will be pleased to arrange a visit to the school.  Visits can also be arranged for children entering the school after the age of five.



Registration for admission may take place at any time by a simple letter to the Headteacher.