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Welcome To Beech Class

Beech Class Team:

Mrs Helen Pearson, Mrs Pippa Bodeker,

Mrs Nicky Benham, Mrs Julie Critcher

Crazy Canoeing

     Mrs Hunt was a little shocked at what she found when entering Beech Class on Monday afternoon. However, she was just as excited as the children when she realised that they were paddling around the globe, exploring the continents and oceans in their crazy, table-top canoes.  Armed with ruler-paddles and a map of the world, the children navigated their way from North to South and then East to West, conquering the mighty Pacific Ocean and ensuring that their feet were safely tucked away from any 'classroom' ocean sharks!  Using their maps and telescopes they were able to identify the different continents as they passed, spotting a variety of native animals and varying landscapes. Despite moving from freezing temperatures at the poles to scorching heat as they crossed the equator, they were ready for the drizzle as they arrived back in time for hometime. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Invasion of The Jumblies

Invasion of The Jumblies 1
Invasion of The Jumblies 2
Invasion of The Jumblies 3
Invasion of The Jumblies 4
Invasion of The Jumblies 5
Invasion of The Jumblies 6

     Beech Class was taken over by strange creatures on Friday. These creatures with their green heads and blue hands were really quite friendly.  After giving the rest of the school and Mrs Hunt quite a surprise in assembly, they performed Edward Lear's poem about their adventures excellently. Everyone enjoyed hearing about their voyage in a sieve to the hills of the Chankly Bore. 

     Beech Class continue to investigate the jumblies.  As they have done so they have discovered some equally magnificent and amazing creatures like the Quangle Wangle Quee and the Dong with the Luminous Nose. It seems their research will have to continue. 

Happy New Year

     Welcome back!  We hope that everybody has enjoyed a relaxing and happy Christmas break and that Father Christmas made some exciting deliveries to Woodcote. All the Beech Class team would like to thank you for their lovely gifts - they have enjoyed relaxing in bubbly baths, eating and drinking delicious treats and lots more. 

     We have lots to do and lots to look forward to this term.  Do use this page to keep up to date with our activities and achievements and the calendar pages for information about sports, clubs and forthcoming whole school events. 

     A first reminder and a bit of a treat for the start of the new term - we will have Show and Tell AND a library visit this Wednesday (10th January).  If you have library books from last term this will be your chance to return them. In future we will return to our alternate weeks with our next library visit on the Wednesday, 24th January.  Dates and themes are detailed and updated on our Class Information page (link above). 

Christmas Poets

Beech have composed a class poem based on 

Ten Things Found in a Wizard's Pocket by Ian McMillan


Ten Things Found in Santa's Bag

A dark snowy night on Christmas Eve

A jar of candy canes that never empties

A snow globe to play with

One helpful elf

A table napkin the size of an ice rink

A receipt for the repair of the sleigh

Magic dust to help the reindeer fly

Children's letters

A large fire extinguisher

A Christmas card from Mrs Claus in case he gets lonely.

     The only trouble with KS1's production of Angel Trouble was that they were all far too cute! Everyone enjoyed their fabulous singing, some stand-out acting performances and each and every child sparkled as bright as our Star of Bethlehem. Both performances were really great and were enjoyed by wonderful full audiences. Well done children! 

     The experience of participating in the show has been a real confidence boost for all the children, allowed them an opportunity to showcase their wonderful talents, to work together as a team, to develop their speaking and listening skills and to have great fun along the way. Drama is so supportive to many areas of our curriculum in school including reading, writing and comprehension.

     A huge thank you also to our audiences for their generosity in our collections which raised a fabulous £170. This money will go towards future performance expenses including scripts, stage, sets and backdrops, costumes and performance licences. 

Nativity Play

Nativity Play 1

     As you will be aware the children have started rehearsals and preparation for the forthcoming Christmas play. They are very excited but for many this is accompanied with the nerves and responsibility of learning words and remembering cues and actions. We very much appreciate your support in helping your child to learn their words so that they can enjoy the experience and the pride of participating in what is bound to be a wonderful performance. 

     In addition we are beginning to collect costumes and props together.  Although we have many costumes in school, please take note of the additional items required to complete your child's costume and ensure that these are sent into school by Monday 27th November. If you have any queries regarding casting, costumes or the play please do speak to the class teacher at the end of the day. 

     We are looking forward to seeing you at our performances on 5th and 6th December.  Letters for ticket requests will be sent home in the week beginning 20th November. 

VIP Visitors

Beech Class enjoyed four VIP visitors on Wednesday 8th November as Joey and Ollie and their mums came in to help them learn about how babies grow and change in their first years.  The children learnt lots and had a chance to ask questions and compare the different stages of development between the two boys.  It was a super opportunity to put classroom learning into real life context and the children wanted to send a big thank you to Mrs Jones and Mrs Westall and the boys for making their learning fun. 

British Motor Museum

British Motor Museum 1
British Motor Museum 2
British Motor Museum 3
British Motor Museum 4

Beech Class have enjoyed a wonderful trip to the British Motor Museum. We impressed the staff with our enthusiasm and good manners. The trip brought our study of the history of transport to life.  Check out our TRIPS link to see pictures and information, and keep your eyes open for our vlog film of our day. 

Exploring the Library

Beech Class enjoyed their first trip to the library on 4th October. We spent time looking at how the books were organised and where we can find fiction and non-fiction books so that we can enjoy browsing and choosing books that we enjoy. The children shared their knowledge and enthusiasm and came up with some lovely questions for Mrs Green, our expert librarian.  We wonder .... do you you know where you would find joke books in a library?  Fiction or non-fiction? We found out and now know where to look for a good laugh! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
We will continue to visit the library fortnightly throughout the year. Our next visit is on Wednesday 18th October - don't forget your books so that we can change them in good time for half term. 

Accurate Algorithms

Accurate Algorithms 1
Accurate Algorithms 2
Accurate Algorithms 3
Accurate Algorithms 4
Accurate Algorithms 5
Accurate Algorithms 6
To start their computer coding Beech Class have been working on simple, clear, step-by-step instructions to command their 'partner robots'.  This will prepare them well to understand how accurate and clear they need to be to write simple algorithms for computer coding. Some of their 'partner robots' seemed to turn rogue before the end of the lesson and tried being the instructors themselves. Still sunshine and smiles were maintained all lesson! 

Terrific Tag

Terrific Tag 1
Terrific Tag 2
Terrific Tag 3
Beech Class have launched the year's PE lessons by enjoying some tag rugby.  All the children have been learning new skills and enjoying the last of the summer sunshine.  Some of the future sessions may well be a little muddier according to Mrs Bodeker. Order that washing powder now! 

Playing with Numbers

Playing with Numbers 1
Playing with Numbers 2
Playing with Numbers 3
Playing with Numbers 4
Playing with Numbers 5
Ready, steady, go!  Beech were off to an enthusiastic start in their Maths lessons.  They have been working with 2-digit numbers, learning place value and using a 100-square.  The children all enjoyed creating a 100-square game and playing it together. 

Cooking up a Tasty Meeting

Cooking up a Tasty Meeting 1
Cooking up a Tasty Meeting 2
Cooking up a Tasty Meeting 3
Cooking up a Tasty Meeting 4
Beech Class cooked up a tasty Harvest apple cake to share with parents at the Meet the Teacher event.  They worked hard at measuring, cutting, peeling and mixing.  The results were super tasty! 

The Start of a New Year

The Start of a New Year 1
Class of 2017-18 are ready to start their Year 2 adventures in learning. They have all settled into their new class and are showing enthusiasm and energy to develop their skills and knowledge in all areas of the curriculum.  What a fabulous year we have ahead! 

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