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Welcome To Beech Class

Beech Class Team:

Mrs Helen Pearson, Mrs Pippa Bodeker,

Mrs Nicky Benham, Mrs Julie Critcher

British Motor Museum

British Motor Museum 1
British Motor Museum 2
British Motor Museum 3
British Motor Museum 4

Beech Class have enjoyed a wonderful trip to the British Motor Museum. We impressed the staff with our enthusiasm and good manners. The trip brought our study of the history of transport to life.  Check out our TRIPS link to see pictures and information, and keep your eyes open for our vlog film of our day. 

Exploring the Library

Beech Class enjoyed their first trip to the library on 4th October. We spent time looking at how the books were organised and where we can find fiction and non-fiction books so that we can enjoy browsing and choosing books that we enjoy. The children shared their knowledge and enthusiasm and came up with some lovely questions for Mrs Green, our expert librarian.  We wonder .... do you you know where you would find joke books in a library?  Fiction or non-fiction? We found out and now know where to look for a good laugh! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
We will continue to visit the library fortnightly throughout the year. Our next visit is on Wednesday 18th October - don't forget your books so that we can change them in good time for half term. 

Accurate Algorithms

Accurate Algorithms 1
Accurate Algorithms 2
Accurate Algorithms 3
Accurate Algorithms 4
Accurate Algorithms 5
Accurate Algorithms 6
To start their computer coding Beech Class have been working on simple, clear, step-by-step instructions to command their 'partner robots'.  This will prepare them well to understand how accurate and clear they need to be to write simple algorithms for computer coding. Some of their 'partner robots' seemed to turn rogue before the end of the lesson and tried being the instructors themselves. Still sunshine and smiles were maintained all lesson! 

Terrific Tag

Terrific Tag 1
Terrific Tag 2
Terrific Tag 3
Beech Class have launched the year's PE lessons by enjoying some tag rugby.  All the children have been learning new skills and enjoying the last of the summer sunshine.  Some of the future sessions may well be a little muddier according to Mrs Bodeker. Order that washing powder now! 

Playing with Numbers

Playing with Numbers 1
Playing with Numbers 2
Playing with Numbers 3
Playing with Numbers 4
Playing with Numbers 5
Ready, steady, go!  Beech were off to an enthusiastic start in their Maths lessons.  They have been working with 2-digit numbers, learning place value and using a 100-square.  The children all enjoyed creating a 100-square game and playing it together. 

Cooking up a Tasty Meeting

Cooking up a Tasty Meeting 1
Cooking up a Tasty Meeting 2
Cooking up a Tasty Meeting 3
Cooking up a Tasty Meeting 4
Beech Class cooked up a tasty Harvest apple cake to share with parents at the Meet the Teacher event.  They worked hard at measuring, cutting, peeling and mixing.  The results were super tasty! 

The Start of a New Year

The Start of a New Year 1
Class of 2017-18 are ready to start their Year 2 adventures in learning. They have all settled into their new class and are showing enthusiasm and energy to develop their skills and knowledge in all areas of the curriculum.  What a fabulous year we have ahead! 

Curriculum and Class Gallery 2016-17

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