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Anglo Saxon Workshop  - Thursday November 30th


We had a fantastic day learning about Anglo Saxon art and culture. This included making our own copper brooch. See the photos in our gallery.

Young Voices  - Friday 2nd February 2018


I am delighted to once again offer to take a choir to join the Young Voices event at the London O2 Arena in February 2018. This event has always been extremely popular and I expect the organizers will ensure it is as spectacular as ever this year!


The event will take place on Friday 2nd February 2018. We will travel down to the O2 by coach in the morning and have a rehearsal during the afternoon. In the evening there will be a concert which parents and friends are invited to attend. This is an amazing event – something that the children will remember for the rest of their lives.


We are offering this to year 5 and year 6 pupils. It is a very late night and we are likely to be back at school for about midnight so we have secured a Friday concert to hopefully help with the late night.


Things you may wish to know at this point – no need to order any of these yet.


Tickets for the children in the choir are free although we will have to meet the cost of the coach. Initial conversations with coach companies suggest this will be about £25 per pupil.


1. The children are required to wear a white t-shirt and school uniform on their lower body. Event specific t-shirts (YV t-shirts) are available to buy – most children wear them but it is not compulsory. T-shirts for the children (if they would like a YV t-shirt) will be £12 each and come with a torch and wristband. None of these items are necessary for your child to take part. However, each child taking part will need a plain white t-shirt if not wearing the YV shirt.


2. Separate wristbands are £1 and the torches are £1. (Only event torches can be used otherwise it spoils the effect on the night.) There is a wristband and torch included in the t-shirt pack, if ordering one of those.


3. Tickets for the audience remain at £22 each, we will offer a parent’s coach from the school if that helps your travel arrangements. Details of this and the cost for a seat will follow once we have the choir sorted.


4. Each child will need a packed lunch, a packed tea and a tin of food for the YV charity collection.


5. A DVD of the event can be purchased afterwards and these cost £10.