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Global Citizenship

Year 6 Presentations on Global issues

Plastic pollution, Greenhouse Gases, Space Pollution, Forest fires and Earthquakes were just some of the topics discussed by Year 6 during their 'Restless Earth' topic.  Each of the pupils researched global issues that interested them and then presented this information to both their class and the school.  Plastic pollution was a hot topic and our Year 6 pupils are now taking their research findings to both our School Council and Eco Council to see if the pupils of Woodcote can help make a change to the global plastic problem.

Picture 1 Coal v Solar power
Picture 2 Discussing the impact of Greenhouse gases
Picture 3 Talking about Space exploration
Picture 4 Discussing the impact of Space exploration
Picture 5 Forest fires in America and Australia
Picture 6 The problem of plastic pollution

Year 5's Gun Debate

Should anyone be allowed to buy a gun? One of America's biggest protests in years has taken place in Washington DC - and it was all organised by kids. Maple class have been debating their thoughts on this topic. For more information, visit Newsround's information page.

Picture 1