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Welcome to Year 5!


Year 5 is an important year in the build up to the children’s final year at Primary School. We have high expectations for the children regarding their learning, school work and behaviour. There is a heavy emphasis in Maple Class on making good choices and being part of a team. We want to be the best we can be!



In Year 5 we will be asking the children to take responsibility for their learning, any kit needed (PE, swimming or books) and their reading and homework.


Curriculum  - this half term we will be learning about:


We have looked in depth at Macbeth, by William Shakespeare. We have discussed the themes, character development and historical influences. Maple class has participated in a lot of drama to familiarise ourselves with Shakespearean language and characterisation. We have learned performance poetry that we can recite off by heart. We will continue to build on our knowledge and practise of spellings and grammar.


We will re-cap and practise place  value, 4 operations, rounding and decimal numbers. We will begin to apply this knowledge to word problems and measure. We have looked at time, timetables and line graphs. We have re-capped what we know about shape and angles.


Space and phases of the moon.


The Battle of Britain during World War 2.


Building pronunciation and fluency for conversation.


Important religious events: Chinese New Year, St Patrick's Day and Easter.


Maps of the UK and Europe.

Art and Design

Opportunities for Art and Design will be linked throughout the curriculum.


Maple Class will participate in a weekly Circle Time to discuss a variety of topics.


Please come and speak to me if you have any worries or want to know anything about the way the curriculum works.  If you are unable to get into school please phone the office and leave a message, I will return your call.