DATES for your diary

  • 17 October: FOWPS AGM
  • 11 November: Winter School Disco
  • 9 December : Christmas Fair
  • 11 December: Jingle Jog Fun Run
  • 16 December Dress Down Day
  • 27 February FOWPS meeting
  • 24 March Spring Disco
  • 3 April FOWPS Meeting
  • 29 April Coffee Shop
  • 30 April Easter Fun Run
  • 5 May Auction of Promises
  • 19 May Pub Walk
  • 16 June Summer Disco
  • 30 June Summer Fair
  • 7/8/9 July Woodcote Rally
  • Cake Sales  (various dates)
  • 25 September FOWPS AGM
  • 1 December Christmas Fair
  • 3 December Jingle Jog
Funds raised since 1 September 2013

Come and join a friendly and enthusiastic bunch, intent on raising funds to improve the school experience for ALL our children. You don’t need to know anything about fundraising, just be ready to muck in and have a go. We’ve had some super successes in the last 12 months and are eager to surpass our annual fundraising target. This year we are funding the refurbishment of the toilets, two whole school trips, various class trips, a digital clock for the playground and re-landscaping the front of the school into a exciting outdoor learning zone. We also plan to revamp and upgrade the outdoor learning area along the year 1.4 and 6 classrooms.

We are in the planning stage for events taking place in the 2016-17 academic year. We’d love to hear from you if you have any ideas or contacts or are willing to help.

Signing up does not mean that you will be sucked into a black hole of volunteering, just that you are willing to give whatever time you can. The adage “a little goes a long way” definitely applies here!

Thanks for your consideration.

Funds raised and spent this academic year!

Total amount raised  since September 2016

  • 30 September: Year 1&6 Cake Sale £110.10* (£55.05 for each class)
  • 1 October: Coffee Shop £165.19
  • 4 November: Year 2&5 Cake Sale £104*  (£52 for each class)
  • 11 November: Winter School Disco £312
  • 9 December : Christmas Fair  £1917.43
  • 11 December: Jingle Jog Fun Run  £271.45
  • 16 December Dress Down Day £123.16
  • 13 January: Year 3&4 Cake Sale  £92.50 (£46.25 for each class)
  • 4 February: Coffee Shop £134.7
  • 3 March: Year R&6 Cake Sale £96.20   (£48.10 for each class)
  • 24 March: Spring Disco £317

Total amount spent since September 2016 is £11289

  1. Paid the entire cost of the coaches for Whole School trip to Hexagon Theatre for the Christmas Pantomime: £1080
  2. Alteration of the front garden area into a learning zone and installation of a new school gate: £9775
  3. Beech Class Trip to motor museum: £100 subsidy
  4. Maple Class Cirque Du Soleil Trip: £334 subsidy

FOWPS (Friends of Woodcote Primary School)

FOWPS (Friends of Woodcote Primary School) is a registered charity and is the school PTA by another name.

Our main objective is to advance and enhance the education of pupils in the school through the 3 F’s below!


  • Family: to bring the children, parents and staff together and help contribute to the sense of community within the school.
  • Fun: to provide and facilitate a wide range of activities for our school community to enjoy.
  • Fundraising: to fund all the‘extras’ for the benefit of the whole school. Provide facilities, equipment or financial support to advance the education of the pupils.

To achieve this we have a committee of 15 members, comprising of parents and staff and are also lucky enough to have an enthusiastic body of helpers who turn out in force whenever we plan any fundraising events. But we are always looking for more. If you have a great fundraising idea brewing at the back of your mind or would just be happy to help out whenever you can please let us know.

Some of what we do:
  • Attend any school functions to provide refreshments.
  • Allocate funds for outings and equipment or whole school initiatives.
  • Organise and run whole school events like the annual Summer event, Wine Tasting evenings, Ladies Pub Walks and the Christmas Market.
  • Attend planning meetings- not too many!
  • Organise dress down days, cake sales, raffles and discos.
  • Act as a liaison between parents and the school: parents are able to talk to FOWPS committee members about any issues or suggestions they may  have for the school and FOWPS will convey the information to school management.

FOWPS Latest News and Information