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Newsletter: 17 April 2015

Whole School Photograph – this will be taking place next week, on Wednesday 22nd April during the first part of the morning. Please ensure your child wears their winter uniform ie not summer dresses and has their school sweatshirt or cardigan on that day. Order forms will be sent out as soon as possible via the children’s classes for the parents to purchase copies of the photograph.

‘Hoodwinked’ – a reminder to parents of Year 3 & Year 4 children to request their tickets for the performances on Tuesday 28th April at 6.30pm or Wednesday 29th April at 1.30pm. Information available from the school office.

Judo – the Iinkai Judo club will restart on Thursday 23rd April at 8am. If you would like any information about the club please email Dave Edmonds at

Multi-Activity mornings – Mrs Bodeker will be continuing with her morning training on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8am – 8.30am. However the sessions will now include a variety of athletics, skills & distance work using the school field. These sessions are open to all classes. The children should arrive by 8am and be signed in by their parents. Mrs Bodeker will supervise the children changing into their uniforms after training and ensure they go to their classes. If Mrs Bodeker is unexpectedly absent, a notice will be put up in the Foyer to alert parents.

The Craft Club – the attendance is low at the moment but Suzanne Craft will be holding the session this week but may not continue if the attendance doesn’t increase.

Uniform – As from the summer term (apart from next Wednesday!) until the October half term, girls may wear summer dresses, with white socks and navy or black closed toe sandals. Any hairbands worn should be plain and blue. Boys are welcome to wear grey shorts with either grey or black socks. During this term children are requested to bring in named sun hats, sun screen and water bottles. Any prescription medication for Hay Fever should be given to the appropriate staff members once a medicine form has been completed. These are available from the office. Please note, school is not able to give medication unless it has been prescribed by a Doctor.