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Dinner ordering from September 2014

Aspens Catering, at Langtree Secondary School, provide the meals for Woodcote Primary School and as from September 2014 all parents, Key Stage 1 (KS 1) and Key Stage 2 (KS 2) will need to pre book their children’s lunches via the Aspens website.


We are pleased to confirm that from September 2014, all pupils in Key Stage 1 (Foundation, Year 1 & Year 2) will be entitled to receive a nutritious school lunch, at no charge, through the introduction of the government’s universal infant free school meals (UIFSM) policy. The policy is intended to increase the number of pupils who eat a tasty and nutritious school lunch and develop positive eating habits, improve pupils’ health, attainment and behaviour, through better nutrition and socialisation.


Pre ordering and payments will need to be made online for all meals, whether KS 1 or KS 2. This may be done at home or, for parents who do not have the facility to book meals online at home, we will provide a computer set up with the Aspens link in our school foyer. The Aspens website asks parents to enter their Key Stage 1 children’s status as ‘Free School Meal’.


For Key Stage 2, the payments are taken via PayPal with a credit or debit card and PayPal accounts. There is a minimum top up value of £10.00. Your children’s year group will need updating each new academic year.

If you have access to the internet – you can log on to the Aspens site (details below) and sign up to your own account, and register your child/children’s details, including their year group & KS1 UIFSM entitlement:


You can then go through the menu and pre select meals for the days you choose. We hope that during the summer break, parents will consider setting up their children’s accounts for the start of term and pre book the meals for the first week.


You can make a booking or cancellation right up to 9am on the day. After this time Aspens will need to be contacted directly on 01491 682 783. The school will receive a print out of the orders from Aspens every day so the children can be reminded of what they have ordered when they get to the canteen.


If you have any queries about this system – you can find a set of instructions to download from the link above or please ask in the office and we will endeavour to help.

July 2014